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Richard Grayson is the adopted[citation needed] son of Bruce Wayne. His tragic past would lead him to learn Bruce Wayne's secret identity as Batman and join his efforts as Robin the Boy Wonder. In his adulthood, Grayson adopts his own identity as the hero Nightwing, leader of the Teen Titans.


Young Dick Grayson and his parents John and Mary were trapeze artists that worked for the Haly Circus. Like many establishments in the area, the Circus was threatened by protection racketeer Boss Zucco who has threatened the owner to join up for "protection" to avoid accidents from happening at the circus. When the owner would refuse, Zucco would arrange for an "accident" to happen, which would cause Dick's parents to fall to their deaths. Witnessing this tragedy in the audience is Bruce Wayne who's own parents were killed by criminals. Confronting Dick in his identity as the Batman, Bruce would offer the boy the chance to personally avenge his parents' death.

Adopting young Dick as his ward, Bruce would train the boy physically and mentally to be a crack crime fighter much like the Caped Crusader. Once fully trained, Batman would present Dick with a costume that Bruce had worn previously as a young man. Taking on Bruce's previous mantle of Robin, the new boy wonder would help Batman prevent Boss Zucco from destroying the Canin building. During the battle, Zucco would be photographed by Robin pushing one of his own men of the partially constructed building, ensuring that he would go to jail for murder, thus avenging his parents.[7]

Early Adventures

Robin would have many adventures with Batman, establishing themselves as the "Dynamic Duo" and the "Caped Crusaders" of Gotham City. A number of their past adventures are mirrored events from the exploits of Batman and Robin of Earth-Two, originally acting out of the law and facing many of Batman's famous rogues. The number of tales that mirror events on Earth-Two have yet to be completely defined, however it is presumable that Robin's first encounters with the Joker[8], Catwoman[8], Riddler[9], among others mirror that of his Earth-Two counterpart.

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Batman and Robin

However, his earliest recorded adventure would be one wherein Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth accidentally revealed the Dynamic Duo's secret identities.[10] Early on in his career, Robin would also meet Batman's frequent ally Superman during a case when Superman would attempt to protect Batman from the danger posed by a gang of Kryptonite smugglers. This would end with the Dynamic Duo and Superman working together for the first time to stop the gang, the first of many team-ups between Batman, Robin and Superman.[11] The level of trust between the Dynamic Duo and Superman would lead to the trio revealing their secret identities to each other.[12]

Together with Batman, Robin would fight such menaces as George Dyke, a death row inmate whose brain is implanted into the body of a gorilla[13], and the The Wrecker.[14] During this period Robin would have a second clash with Catwoman who had come out of retirement to best Batman in combat following a newspaper story about Batman's greatest victories.[15]

When an explosion would once more disfigure the face of Harvey Dent, this would lead to a clash between Batman and Robin against Batman's old foe Two-Face.[16] Robin would later help Batman foil the Catwoman's attempt to exploit a beauty pageant as part of a plot to steal priceless jewels.[17]

When Superman rescued Batman and Robin from a mob attack, he would accidentally reveal his secret identity to Lois Lane, prompting Batman and Robin help stage an elaborate hoax in order to once more protect Superman's identity.[18] In their next clash with Catwoman, Batman and Robin would trace her to a far-off island but fail to capture her.[19] When Clark Kent and Lois Lane are captured by criminals who use heavy artillery in their crimes, Batman and Robin are led to their hideout thanks to Superman's secret aid.[20] Robin would next aid Batman in stopping the Mirror Man's plot to discover Batman's true identity[21], and aids Batman and Superman in an elaborate hoax wherein Batman poses as a swami to help the Man of Steel capture a group of crooks.[22]

Robin would next join a coalition of "Batmen" from around the world, including Knight and Squire, the Gaucho, Legionary, The Musketeer and The Ranger in foiling the crimes of Knots Cardine.[23] Robin would next aid Superman and Batman in finding an infantile alien that is brought to Earth by accident and return it to its homeworld.[24]

When Batman is exposed to a lethal gas by the Purple Mask Mob that will kill the Dark Knight should he be physically active, Superman and Robin make Batman believe that he has a broken leg to keep him out of action until the poison wears off, and capture the Purple Mask Mob.[25] When there is a deadlock in voting if a science convention should be held in Metropolis or Gotham City, Batman and Robin are pitted against Superman to see whom can perform the most super-feats in the other heroes hometown. The winner of the contest would win the right for the science convention to happen in their city. Batman and Robin work hard to win it for Gotham in a selfless act to protect Superman from being weakened by a machine on display that emits Kryptonite Rays.[26]

Further Adventures with Batman, Superman and Ace the Bathound

When Bruce and Dick found a lost dog, they recruited it as Ace the Bat-Hound to help them capture a gang of counterfeiters, before returning the dog to its proper owner.[27] Robin also assisted Batman and Superman in stopping the evil Professor Pender during a period wherein Superman and Batman swapped powers.[28] Superman next has Batman and Robin come to Metropolis to try and figure out who is trying to reveal Superman's secret identity, this all turns out to be a ruse to keep the Dynamic Duo preoccupied while Superman travels out to Gotham City to capture the Verril Mob.[29] Robin is also given quite the challenge when a number of Gotham City residents win a contest to be "Batman for a Day".[30]

In his civilian guise of Dick Grayson, Robin would join Bruce Wayne in another time travel adventure to ancient Baghdad, where they would run afoul of Abdullah and his 40 thieves, requiring them to be rescued by Superman.[31] Next Robin aids Batman in foiling the Mayne Malan Gangs attempt to steal the royal jewels of King Eric of Noriania, foils Joe Danton from killing a boatload of his former classmates during Bruce Wayne's college reunion and helps out as a volunteer firefighter with Batman during Gotham City's fire prevention week.[32] Also during this time, Robin learns that Batman once also masqueraded as Robin in his early years.[33] However, the validity of these claims is in question as they contradict Batman's very origins. Also during this time Robin help's Batman foil Lens Vorden from trying to collect photographic composites of Batman's features in order to learn his true identity.[34] Helping Superman and Batman stop the Mole Gang, Robin also aids the two heroes civilian identities as they temporarily work as reporters in order to report the epic battle and save the Gotham Gazette from bankruptcy.[35]

Robin next aids Batman once more against the Joker, foil the jailbreak of Matty Kirk and aiding Batman and Ace the Bathound, foil a criminal plot to use a dog training school to use trained dogs to commit crimes.[36] Robin would later expose Spade Stinston, who by posing as a doctor and dispensing special pills, manipulates Batman into committing crimes in order to convince the Caped Crusader to turn himself over to the authorities.[37] When crooks are using a sonic device from designs created by Jules Verne, Batman and Robin travel back in time to bring the legendary science fiction writer to the present and help them construct a counter weapon to stop the crooks. Also during this period Robin helps Batman free a boatload of millionaires kidnapped to a small island by a gang of thugs, he helps Batman capture the Racer[38] and foils the exploitation of crime files stolen from the Bat-Cave by the John Creeden Gang.[39] When Ka Thar, a time traveler from the year 5956 attempts to blackmail Batman, Robin and Superman into performing super-feats that were incorrectly chronicled in his biography of the heroes, they turn the tables when they reveal that in revealing their secret identities to the present day world would create the biggest inaccuracy in his book of all: That Batman, Robin and Superman's secret identities would not be revealed until years after their deaths.[40]

Shortly thereafter, Batman and Robin would have the first of many clashes against the Penguin, and foil his egg related crimes. When Batman and Robin come across a frontier era newspaper clipping depicting Batman as a sheriff with a gun, they travel back in time and help Bat Masterson capture Pecoes Pete. Also during this period, Robin aids Batman in foiling the magician Pardu's attempt to blackmail Batman with empty threats of revealing his identity.[41] Batman and Robin would next have their first clash against The Mad Hatter.[42] When Robin would stumble upon the existence of a Batman Jr. he would become jealous and upset that Batman had a partner before him. When attempting to help Batman recapture Birrell Binter, Robin would learn that "Batman Jr." was only a temporary alias that young John Vance used to help Batman capture Binter in a previous case and that Batman has no intentions of replacing the Boy Wonder.[43]

Traveling back in time with Batman and Superman, Robin would come to the aid of D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers in their quest to learn the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask.[44] When Plainville renames itself to Batmantown, Batman and Robin travel there and foil a plot by the Barsh Gang to pull a gigantic hist on the crime-free town, Robin aids Batman in capturing smuggler Ralph Kier and help Batman capture crooks with the aid of four new crime devices invented by scholarship. contestants[45] Robin would next help Batman capture Bart Davis, who would exploit his role as Batman in a new Batman film to get access to replicas of Batman's crime-fighting equipment to commit crimes.[46]

The Non-Canon History

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The following sections of the article correspond to the early time period known as the Silver Age, which started in 1955. The events described below were developed for over 10 years, in which the comics featuring Robin were under the editorial command of Whitney Ellsworth and later Jack Schiff. After this time period, the continuity was altered and most of the history in the following sections was turned apocryphal.

The Trouble with Batwomen

The life of Batman and Robin would become more complicated with the arrival of a new costumed hero in Gotham City, Batwoman. Although she upstages the Dynamic Duo in capturing crooks and even saves them from danger, Batman and Robin collect clues to learn that she is Kathy Kane. Although they manage to convince her to give up costumed adventuring, this is not the last they hear from the Batwoman.[47]

Robin next gets in the middle of a strange series of Mother Goose inspired mysteries along with Batman and Superman, only to learn that this is a business venture by Adventures Inc. to entertain the rich. The three super-heroes work together to foil a criminal plot to exploit the business.[48] Following this adventure, Robin would appear to be operating alone to convince the public that Batman has been killed as part of an elaborate plan to capture criminals Pack Purdy and John Vair. Robin would also assist Batman in capturing the Jay Jandron Gang and also aids Batman in recovering his cape and cowl when it's blown off his head in order to protect his secret identity.[49] In their manhunt of criminal John Caird, Batman and Robin are briefly stricken with amnesia, however, they regain their memories and capture their man.[50] Batman and Robin are next tricked into using a newly built "House of Batman" secretly funded by criminal Mayne Mallock, however the Dynamic Duo foil the plot and defeat Mallock. Robin next aids Batman in foiling a plot by Brand Brantor into trying to get out of a ticket for impersonating Batman by traveling back in time and solving the mystery of a supposed Babylonian era Batman and curing Carlen, an actor playing the role of a caveman who, after a blow to the head, believes himself to really be a stone aged man.[51]

When Batman uncovers a previously unseen Batman costume, he and Robin work together to reveal that his father Thomas Wayne once dressed up as a "batman" for a costume ball and foiled a plot by Lew Moxon. This would lead to Moxon hiring Joe Chill to murder Thomas and his wife Martha, Batman and Robin would then travel to the west coast and capture Moxon, who would die after he is struck by a speeding car.[52] When Superman would go missing, Batman and Robin would be hired to track down the Man of Steel and help him expose yet another empty threat from a criminal attempting to expose Superman's secret identity.[53] Robin is also present when Batman comes up with an elaborate hoax to protect his secret identity on national television, helps foil the a plot by the owner of the Stinson Employment Agency to blame thefts on clients who are ex-cons and helps Batman and Ace, the Bat-Hound in capturing Baldy Gore.[54]

Robin would next assist Batman in coming up with a series of new gadgets to combat the recently released criminal Wallace Wealey and his anti-crime inventions.[55] Robin is devastated when Batman is forced to look for a new Robin during a period when Bruce Wayne is apparently murdered, forcing Batman to assume a new identity. However, when Batman begins to realize that nobody could possibly replace Dick, works to create an elaborate hoax to "resurrect" Bruce Wayne.[56] Robin next aids Batman in capturing the John Varden Gang, defeats the Sparkles Grady Mob single handed and helps Batman defeat a creature from 40,000 fathoms under the sea.[57] Batman and Robin would next cross paths against Checkmate,[58] they foil Dr. Dall's plot to exploit a Batman robot[59] and works with Batman and Superman to foil Henry Bartle's attempts at swindling a charity.[60]

When Batman injures his ankle in attempting to capture Curt Biggs, Robin would work together with Batwoman to learn what Biggs' next big heist is when Curt suffers a blow to the head and thinks that he is Batman. Robin next plays a practical joke on Batman by posing as Fred Loyd, a boy taking Robin's place when Robin was injured. When "Loyd" helps Batman capture Gorilla Hardy, Robin reveals his prank, however, Batman was onto his young ward the whole time. Later Robin, with an assist from the supposed "Batman of the Future" aids Batman in capturing the Gunner Tharp gang with the futuristic Bat-Missile and a new model Batmobile.[61] Robin next works to clear Batman's name when Batman is framed by Burt Wever for a series of thefts.[62] Next Robin would aid Batman in bating a trap for criminal Jim Varrel, prevent the Keene Harner gang from looting Gotham City during a hurricane and aids Batman in foiling an attempt by Guy Graney from using a stolen mind control machine to learn Batman's secret identity.[63] When rescuing a young girl from danger Robin injures his arm, in order to prevent crooks from making a connection between Dick Grayson and Robin by their similar arm injuries, Batman wears a series of bright colored costumes to draw attention away from Robin.[64]

More Adventures with Batman, Batwoman and Superman

When pills invented by Superman's father Jor El crash land on Earth, they lead to Superman losing his powers and being at the mercy of criminal Elton Craig who gains powers just like Superman upon taking a pill. Superman recruits Batman and Robin, who consume some pills and gain super-powers as well to stop Craig. Although the Dynamic Duo are unskilled in these new abilities they stop Craig and the effects of the pills wear off restoring everyone to normal.[65] Batman and Robin would next apprehend Slim Miller with the aid of young Danny Benson; Robin has his first brush with love when he falls for ice-skater Vera Lovely while helping Batman capture Ben Keefe and briefly adopts the identity of Owlman and helps Batman stop the criminal Daredevil's when Robin is exposed to an alien gas that temporarily transforms him into an adult.[66]

When Robin accidentally blurts out the real location of the Batcave to criminal Brain Walker, the Dynamic Duo stage an elaborate hoax to disprove it's location.[67] When Batman is accidentally enlarged to a height of 30 feet, Robin tracks down and captures Jay Vanney, the crook who stolen the only device that can restore Batman to normal.[68] Robin next joins Batman and Superman in defeating a plot by the Joker and Lex Luthor from creating an army of Mechano-Men and using them to take over the world.[69] Robin next aids Batman in capturing TV host Joe Harmon in the murder of Frank Davis, foil a frame job by Len Paul even though they are trapped in the Batcave and helps Batman convince a boy named Batman Jones to give up crime fighting and taking up the safer hobby of stamp collecting[70] Robin also assists Batman in capturing the Jay Garris gang[71] and aids Batman and Mysteryman in capturing a gang of smugglers.[72]

Robin next helps Batman capture the Bagley Gang, foils the Waller gang's attempt to impersonate Batman and foils Curt Mathis Gang from exploiting one of Batman's inventions that they had stolen.[73] Robin also aids Batman in arresting Robert Cray for the murder of James Barham,[74] foils the Joker's "Crime-of-the-Month Club", and captures the Len Landers gang.[10] When the evil Professor Milo makes Batman afraid of bats, Robin helps Batman develop a new identity as Starman to defeat Milo before shaking off the effects of Milo's work.[75]

While on Safari in India, Batman and Robin capture Alec Judson for the murder of Ed Yancey, later Robin aids Bruce's distant cousin Bruce N. Wayne in capturing a criminal named Varrell and helps in an elaborate plot to capture John Marrow by appearing in public in suits of armor.[76] Robin also joins Batman in an 8 day round-world trip to capture international smugglers.[77] When Bruce Wayne is framed for murder when working undercover in Gotham Prison, Robin and Batwoman capture the criminal Collector, foil an escape plot and clear Bruce's name.[78]

Batman and Robin would next clash with Signalman, travel back to ancient Rome to rescue Professor Nichols and Robin helps foil Professor Milo's attempt to convince Batman that he is really a mental patient.[79] Batman and Robin would next clash with the super powered John Stannar,[80] and help Batman expose a hoax by criminals attempting to make the people of Gotham City believe Batman to be an alien.[81] Robin would also help Batman apprehend False Face and defeat the Red Mask Gang with the aid of Fatman, a comedic parody of Batman.[82]

Robin next joins Batman in foiling Tod Martin's plot to sabotage a movie shoot,[83] travels to Mechanical City to prevent two thieves from stealing a secret formula, foil the Mirage Maker's plot to steal a shipment of gold bullion and with the help of Bat-Ape stops the Vanning Brothers and Ralph Roder from stealing the box office proceeds from the circus.[84] When Superman's intelligence is accidentally transferred into both Robin and gang leader Victor Danning, Robin pits his superior intellect against Dannings, ultimately leading to Danning's defeat and the restoration of Superman's intelligence.[85]

Robin would next join Batman in his battle against the Terrible Trio,[86], helps the Dark Knight recover the stolen loot of Stoney Briggs and helps stage a hoax to capture the Phantom Bandit.[87] Joined once again by Ace the Bat-Hound, Batman and Robin prevent a new experimental explosive from getting into the wrong hands.[88]

Robin next aids Batman in capturing Carl Danton for the murder of museum curator Professor Hale,[89] capture the Gimmick Gang in Legend City, the Funny Face Gang and when a freak accident sends Batman and Robin to another dimension, they help the kingdom of that dimension from Arko and the Bat-People before returning home.[90] Robin also plays a part in foiling a plot by aliens from the planet Xlym to use a device to endow Batman with powers equal to Superman in the hopes of sparking a feud between the two heroes.[91]

Robin would next assist Batman in foiling the robberies of high-tech criminal Karko,[92], capture the Red Gloves Gang, prevent the Eddie Luden gang from learning Batman's secret identity and aid Batman and an alien law enforcer Inspector Tutian in capturing Eddie Morrow and the alien criminal Garr.[93] Also during this time, Robin aids Batman in capturing Bartok a criminal that uses high tech robots in his crimes.[94] Robin also aids Batman in capturing a group of crooks holed up on Police Island and get them medical treatment after they have been unknowingly contaminated with radiation poisoning. Robin next helps Batman capture David Dial for the murder of a trapeze artist and helps Batman capture Vince Kenton and his gang.[95]

Batman and Robin next tackle the Calendar Man,[96], Robin aids Batman in keeping Vicky Vale and Batwoman from trouble when they attempt to capture the Moose Malloy gang, then they foil a gang of jewel thieves and Robin helps capture Al Hackett.[97] Robin would next travel back in time and destroys a device with a Kryptonite bomb that would kill Superman in his time, during this time travel adventure Robin meets Superboy.[98] Robin helps Batman clear the Dark Knights name when he is framed for a crime during the Interplanetary Olympics.[99]

Robin next helps Batman battle Dr. X and Dr. Double X,[100], helps Batman capture Spike Connors, the Babyface Muller Gang and aids Batman during a crime wave that has erupted when Batman is injured and is forced to fight crime from the Whirly-Bats.[101] Robin also helps Batman stop the Gibson Gang[102] and is later blackmailed by Lois Lane to pose as "Superman Jr." when she figures out a plot by Superman to trick Lois into thinking that a mishap in space had kept her away from Earth for decades.[103] Robin then helps Batman capture Jigger Mulane, the Donald Dekker gang and foil Mr. Zero.[104] Robin helps capture Carter, a failed businessman turned criminal[105] and he would also aid Batman and other heroes in stopping an invasion of White Martians.[106]

Batman and Robin would next work together to foil the modern day pirate named Blackjack, stop the criminal Hijack and when Bruce Wayne has a date with Kathy Kane, young Dick worries that they might get married to the point where he has a horrible dream where it happened.[107] Robin would next help Batman capture the Clock,[108], aided Batman and Ace the Bat-Hound capture Joe Osceola, foil another joke related crime plot by the Joker and capture the Nifty Blake gang.[109] Robin would also help Batman stop the high-tech criminal Astro.[110]

Adventures with the Bat-Family

Batman Family 002

The Bat-Family

The life of Batman and Robin would become more complicated when they would be menaced by Batman's "biggest fan" Bat-Mite a creature from the 5th Dimension that would attempt to join Batman and Robin and tries to help them capture the Tipper Neely Gang.[111] Robin next aids Batman in capturing the Smiley Gober Gang, foil and attempted comeback made by Signalman and destroy three aliens "space seeds" that threaten Gotham City.[112] During this time, Robin also helps capture the Big Joe Roberts Gang and cures Batman of a strange radiation from a comet that endows him with super-powers but also threatens to end his life when the effects wear off.[113] Batman and Robin then posed as actors in the Underworld Theater to capture the Green Hood Mob.[114] and later they captured the Midas Gang with Batwoman and Ace the Bat-Hound. When returning from the past on another time travel adventure, Robin is accidentally sent three days into the future where he comes across a newspaper report telling of Batman's death. Returning to his own time, Robin would attempt to prevent El Bolo, the criminal supposedly responsible for murdering his mentor and fail. However, this would turn out to be a hoax perpetuated by Batman in order to capture the crook.[115]

Batman and Robin then foil Bart Travers from manipulating a creature from Planet X from terrorizing Gotham City,[116] they recover 49 diamonds stolen from their friend Mr. Chalmers, capture a team of foreign spies and with the aid of Batwoman, they capture the Firefly[117]

During this time Robin also aids Batman in capturing the Crimson Knight, a crook posing as a costumed hero,[118] aids Batman and a super-powered Alfred against the Joker and helps Batman restore a museum curator return to his normal personality after an accident caused him to impersonate the Norse God, Thor.[119] Robin next aids Batman in destroying a crystal creature and capture the the Black Patch gang who seek to exploit the creatures existence for their own personal gain.[120]

About this time, Robin also helps Batman take down the Dragon Society,[121] aid the intergalactic Ergon Police capture space pirate Kraak, foils the thefts of items recently sold in auctions and helps Batman and Batwoman protect a baby, secretly the heir to the throne in the nation of Morania from an assassination attempt.[122] Also during this period, Robin would capture a number of crime bosses,[123] battles Zebra-Man,[124] aids Batman and Batwoman against the Spinner and helps clear the name Sando, a friend from Robin's days in Haly's Circus of crimes he did not commit.[125]

Batman and Robin are next plagued by the combined efforts of Batwoman and Bat-Mite while the Caped Crusaders are attempting to capture the Hobby Robber gang.[126] Robin also helps foil an assassination attempt by the Danton Gang when Batman is celebrating the anniversary of his first case, aided by Ace the Bat-Hound, he stopped a special effects artist from terrorizing his employers and helped Batman foil a plot by Lex Luthor wherein the master criminal and his henchmen pose as aliens.[127]

Robin helps Batman capture the alien Kraal,[128] restore the memory of Ace the Bat-Hound when the dog is struck with amnesia, arrest three jewelers involved in the murder of one of their partners and helped Batman foil an attempt by Professor Simms.[129] Also during this time, Robin would call in Superman to help him deal with Batman when the Caped Crusader would be compelled to carry out three tasks when he is put under the spell of the wizard Fangan,[130] helped Batman clear his name when he was accused of stealing an other-dimensional weapon,[131] helped capture three crooks who are exploiting actor Clive Norris' belief that he is really an alien invader, the Big Jim Masters gang and the Sea-Fox Gang.[132]

When an alien absorbs the life force of Robin, Batman and Superman team-up once again to save Robin's life.[133] Robin next aids Batman and Ace the Bat-Hound in capturing the Atomic Man,[134] helps Batman perpetuate another hoax that the Caped Crusader is really a robot to capture The Night Owl Gang,[135] clashes for the first time against Kite-Man, stops an attempted robbery of the S.S. Batman and helps Batman, Batwoman and Ace the Bat-Hound in quashing another annoyance created by Bat-Mite when he returns and attempts to promote Batwoman after falling in love with her.[136]

While in South America, Robin aids Batman in restoring Superman's memory when he is struck with amnesia,[137] later he would journey with Batman to the planet Alcor to aid intergalactic lawman Tal-Dar[138] and return to South America to battle a strange rainbow creature. Returning to Gotham City, Robin would aid Batman in learning the mystery of someone who has learned Batman's secret identity and helps apprehend the "Dummy" Danny Gang.[139] Robin aids Batman and Superman in capturing the Wreckers with the help of an alien creature,[140] and with Batman, he helps free Pol an alien from another dimension being exploited by the Carter Wede gang,[141] he dismantles the "Wheels" Foster Gang, defeats the Sky Creature[142] and foils the Hal Durgin Gang's plot to use a new prototype camera.[143]

Later, Robin along with Batman and Superman has to deal with the headaches caused by the teaming up of Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk.[144] Robin also played along with Superman and his allies in creating situations where Supergirl must save them, this is all a ploy to celebrate her 16th birthday.[145] Robin next aids Batman and Batwoman in preventing the exploitation of a prehistoric man by criminals.[146] Robin helped Batman foil a subversive invasion plot and stopped the Joker, who was using the four elements in his crimes.[147] Robin is later kidnapped along with Batman and taken to the planet Zoron, where they are rescued by Superman.[148] Robin would later battle Raven and Wasp with Batman and Ace the Bath-Hound.[149]

Robin would find himself blackmailed into quitting his partnership with Batman and joining Mr. Marvel, a costumed criminal posing as a masked crime fighter, however with the Batman's help Robin would expose Marvel and send him off to jail. Renewing their partnership, Batman and Robin would next clash against the Brand and foil a plot by some bandits to exploit a visiting school children from an alien world.[150] Next, Robin with Batman stop the Multiple Creature,[151] the Tiger Gang, the criminal Simple Simon and foil a group of wanted swindlers from using a mechanical sea creature.[152] Robin would once more clash with Signalman during a short-lived period wherein he changed his identity to the Blue Bowman and later he aided Batman in capturing the George Milo Gang.[153]

More Bizarre Adventures, and the Robin/Bat-Girl Romance

Robin and Bat-Girl Kiss

Robin and Bat-Girl

The "Bat-Family" would grow again with the inclusion of Bat-Girl, Batwoman's niece, Robin would pitch in with Batman and Batwoman in rescuing Bat-Girl from the Cobra Gang. Proving a capable ally, Bat-Girl would eventually develop a romantic relationship with Robin.[153] Robin would next aid Batman in capturing "Gadgets" Bloor and his gang,[154] prevent the Big Ed Bailey gang from exploiting an alien creature,[155] foil the Joker's supposed ghost haunting scheme and an assassination attempt on Batman with the help of Superman.[156] When Batman is exposed to a gas that makes him grow to a colossal size, Robin, Batwoman and Superman all pitch in to help the Caped Crusader capture the Rockets Rogan Gang before Batman is restored to normal.[157]

When attempting to capture Eddie Stark, Batman and Robin are briefly transported to the dimension of the hostile Gruggs, and helps liberate that world before returning to their home dimension.[158] Robin would next help Batman battle the Clockmaster, foil an attempted murder plot orchestrated by the owner of the Seth Baylor Cross-Country race and team up with Bat-Girl to rescue Batman and Batwoman.[159] Next Robin aids Batman in stopping the Element Man,[160] deal with a faulty robot given to him by Tal-Dar, expose Tom Travis' Ancient Mariner hoax and aid Detective Regan capture a renegade scientist in Central America.[161] Later Batman and Robin go on yet another time travel adventure, this time to ancient Egypt to investigate strange paintings and clash with alien creatures.[162]

Robin later aids Batman in capturing Nitro Joe, Dr. Pneumo and with the aid of Ace the Bat-Hound, they foil a plot by the Lippy Yates gang that involves the exploitation of a weird alien creature.[163] Robin next helps Batman defeat Planet-Master,[164] travels to the mirror dimension of Xanu with Superman and Batman,[165] foil Albey's attempt to hoax a sea creature in Kobar Bay,[166] defused an alien battle in Gotham City, wrecks the Joker's crime training camp and when Batman and Batwoman were out of town, Robin and Bat-Girl worked together to spoil the mischief caused by a returning Bat-Mite.[167] Robin aids Batman in capturing Superman when he's framed for crimes on the planet Belvos by the evil Klor, however the Dynamic Duo learn the truth and help their friend clear his name.[168]

During this period Robin would clash for the first time with Clayface,[169] and later he would survive a plot by the alien Emperor Kaale to hunt down Batman and Robin,[170] help Batman capture Mr. 50 in Hawaii and capture criminal John Burr.[171] Following these events Robin would aid Batman in defeating Mr. Polka-Dot,[172] track Smiley Fenton to Africa and capture him with the aid of Leopard Boy and capture Keith Larsen.[173] Robin continues to aid Batman and helps the Dark Knight capture the Brains Beldon Gang,[174] the Lefty Borgas gang,[175] stop a gang of crooks from using alien plants in their robberies, recover stolen loot hidden by a deceased crime boss and helps Batman capture a criminal when the Caped Crusader is temporarily revered to the physical stature of a 10-year-old boy.[176] When Batman and Robin are captured by a criminal named Jundy, they are used as bargaining chips to blackmail Superman into doing the crooks bidding, however, the trio manage to turn the tables and capture Jundy.[177] Together with Batman, Robin next helps solve a murder on Skyland.[178]

When Bruce Wayne's young cousin Vanderveer Wayne comes to visit, Dick Grayson has to allow the show-off to gloat about his superior ability to protect his secret identity. However, Vanderveer is given a lesson in humility when he goes off pretending to be Robin with an actor dress up as Batman who intends to use the ruse to commit crimes and has to be saved by the real Batman and Robin. Later, Robin also worked with Batman to trick the Joker into disbelieving the Batman is really Bruce Wayne when the villain succeeds in unmasking Batman.[179] During this time Batman and Robin also clash with a restored Clayface[180] and also aids Batman in capturing Knuckles Boland and Rusty when they exploit stranded aliens to avoid capture.[181]

Robin next aids Batman in capturing the Maestro of Crime, foil Ben Ryder and Slick Ronson's time-bandit hoax and helps foil the attempted murder of a visiting Raja from the nation of Jaharia.[182] Then, the Dynamic Duo battle evil scientist Professor Arnold Hugo with the help of Ace, the Bat-Hound,[183] capture the underworld leader Caesar, before working solo to capture the Jack Pine Gang until Batman is restored to normal. When tracking Biff Warner to the Yucatan jungle, Robin is struck by lightning and is surprisingly endowed with super-powers, but at the cost of his memory. He is then believed to be a god by the native Ko-Ti and is convinced to battle Batman until the effects wear off and his memory returns to normal. Robin then aids Batman in capturing Warner.[184] Robin also aids Batman and Superman in capturing a gang of crooks when Superman's vulnerability to Red Kryptonite is temporarily transferred to Batman.[185] Robin would next work with Batman, Batwoman and Ace the Bat-Hound in stopping the Green Mask Bandits from exploiting Alpha the Experimental Man, a newly built artificial man.[186] When Superman is believed to be dying from Virus X, Robin joins Batman, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes in carrying out Superman's final wishes, however it turns out that Superman was only being affected by Kryptonite that was embedded in Jimmy Olsen's camera.[187]

The Real History

Batman - From the 30's to the 70's
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The following sections of the article correspond to the late years of the Silver Age, starting in 1964 until the end of the Bronze Age in 1986. The events described below are considered canon to the history of the character, along with Robin's early history. This change was made by editor Julius Schwartz, who was placed in charge of the comics featuring Robin and turned most of the recent previous history apocryphal.

The Dynamic Duo

As years passed on, Dick Grayson attended high school and continued his crime-fighting career as Robin, the teen wonder.[188]

Death of Alfred Pennyworth 01

Alfred's apparent death

Robin assisted Batman in the investigation of the crime-ridden Gotham Village and the capture of the crime boss, Roland Meacham.[189] They were later confronted by the Tri-State Gang, who murdered Alfred. Batman and Robin captured the thugs, but their loss couldn't be repaired. However, upon Alfred's demise, Dick Grayson's Aunt Harriet decided to move to Wayne Manor to help Bruce and Dick with the daily chores.[190] Soon, Batman and Robin captured a wanted criminal, after being ambushed in an ancient English castle[191] and captured some foreign spies who incited violence among people.[192] Robin later assisted Batman in finding the criminals who stole his identity and teamed up with Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.[193]

After this, Robin was kidnapped by the Grasshopper Gang, who lured Batman into a trap. The heroes soon learned that these thugs have been working for the mysterious criminal known as The Outsider.[194] Before they could investigate that case further, Batman and Robin had to capture the criminal known as the Make-Up Man [195] and stop the criminal activities of the Penguin.[196] It wasn't until Batman and Robin confronted and captured a mysterious witch, that the Outsider threatened them once again.[197] Shortly after this, Batman and Robin captured the elusive Getaway Genius, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to nab the criminal.[198]

Batman Silver Age 004

Batman and Robin

After this, a criminal from the past was released from prison. The Riddler returned to Gotham, years after Batman and Robin captured him for the first time. He tried to trick the heroes into believing that he had reformed, but Batman deduced his real plans and captured the Riddler.[199] Afterwards, Robin captured the Flower Gang without Batman's assistance[200] and also stopped the Joker, with Batman's help.[201] Next, they confronted the masked criminal known as Mr. Incognito and later they stopped the monstrous criminal called Blockbuster.[202] Robin then managed to capture the so-called Robin Gang,[203] and with Batman, they stopped the amazing criminal called, the Bouncer, admittedly with a great effort.[204] Later, Batman and Robin had to fight against the Cluemaster, a costumed criminal who tried to discover Batman's identity, but was ultimately captured by the heroes.[205] After this, Batman and Robin stopped the new criminal in town, Poison Ivy, although Robin had to force Batman to capture her as he was too charmed by her.[206] Robin proved to be helpful, even with serious hand injuries when he helped Batman capture the notorious enemy of The Flash, the Weather Wizard.[207]

Finally, after months of indirect encounters, Batman and Robin confronted and defeated the Outsider, just to realize that it was their butler Alfred, all along. Alfred had been revived using experimental machines, which turned him into the Outsider, but after he was defeated, he returned to normal and resumed his activities as Bruce Wayne's butler.[208]

Robin Earth-One 002

Robin the wisecrack

Soon after this, Batman was marked as Bruce Wayne into a mysterious murder chain and he left encoded clues for Robin to find.[209] Robin managed to deduce the meaning of Bruce's clue and he saved his mentor from a certain death, even though he failed to capture the criminal and was used as bait to lure Batman into a trap. Despite this drawback, Batman saved Robin and captured the criminal responsible.[210]

Batman and Robin were constantly facing their usual enemies on several more occasions and they even confronted Scarecrow, who returned after years of inactivity.[211] The most recurrent villains that they confronted were Poison Ivy,[206] Joker,[212] Penguin,[213] Riddler,[214][215][216] Scarecrow[217] and Catwoman.[218][219]

After the wave of costumed criminals waned, the Dynamic Duo had to stop regular mobsters and criminal masterminds such as Salvo, Chino[220] and the Schemer.[221] The heroes then staged Robin's death in order to capture a large smuggling gang.[222]


Eventually, Batman and Robin learned of Batgirl, a new crime-fighter who adopted the mantle of the bat. At first, they refused her collaboration on crimes, but when she proved vital in capturing Killer Moth, Batman allowed her to keep working as their close ally.[223]

When Batman was affected by a rare swamp fever, Batgirl teamed-up with Robin in order to prevent the Caped Crusader from accelerating the process of the illness by overworking himself. When the fever reached the most critical stage, Batman received attention as Bruce Wayne and during his absence, the Batgirl-Robin team prowled the streets of Gotham.[224]

Dick Grayson eventually graduated from high school and moved out of Wayne Manor to attend Hudson University, leaving his partnership with Batman behind.[225] He would team-up with his mentor on certain occasions, but the Dynamic Duo was officially terminated.

College Years and The Teen Titans

On his first day at Hudson University, Dick became aware of a plot to overthrow the authorities at campus by some radical students who started riots and hired thugs to pose as police officers.[226] After confronting the thugs as Robin, Dick revealed the complot to the rest of the students, allowing the real police to take away the criminals.[227] This would be the first of many adventures as Robin in the campus of Hudson University.[228][229][230] There were also certain times in which he had to work outside campus, looking for wanted criminals and solving mysteries.[231]

Because of his obligations, Dick had to divide his time between his studies and his work as Robin. This complicated things as Dick was also a member of the Teen Titans and he was always needed on various places around the same time.

Robin Working Solo

Robin Earth-One 003

Robin "Unleashed"

Dick Grayson met Terri Bergstrom at Hudson University and they started a friendly relationship.[232] Certain time, Robin went looking for a wanted felon along with Terri and they were forced to join a commune in order to find the fugitive and stop a wildfire started by the same person.[233][234] Unfortunately after this incident, Terry went missing and Robin started having mental images about her.[234] Shortly after, Robin realized that Terri was trying to contact him using her psychic powers.[235]

Finally, Robin understood that Terri was trying to communicate with Lilith Clay, a member of the Teen Titans and friend of Robin. Terri and Lilith were distant cousins who wanted to rejoin.[236] Unfortunately, the girls learned that their psychic powers combined, caused Terri's mind to weaken and be possessed by evil forces. Despite Robin's help, they had to remain separated in fear of harming Terri's mind.[237]

After this event, Robin became more involved with the community at Hudson University and tried to improve it by working along with the students and local townsfolk, solving crimes and helping people in the community.[238][239][240][241][242] Eventually, the Cavalier attempted to learn the location of the Batcave from Robin, but the Teen Wonder managed to fool the criminal and captured him, sending him to prison.[243]

When Haly's Circus showed up in New Carthage, Robin was shocked to learn about a new act called "The Flying Graysons" and after investigating, he learned of a small-time crook part of the new group. In order to clear the name of his former team, Robin captured the criminal with help from the original Flying Graysons, present with him in his memory.[244] In the same fashion, Robin continued working in New Carthage, solving mysteries and crimes alongside Chief McDonald.[245] When Scarecrow showed up in New Carthage, Robin managed to stop him with McDonald's assistance.[246][247][248]

Lori Elton

Eventually, Robin started dating Lori Elton, a classmate at Hudson University.[249] However, his constant disappearances and his lack of dedication to his studies and his personal life caused Lori Elton to end their relationship.[250] Dick was certainly jealous of Lori's new boyfriend, Dave Corby, but he was distracted by the appearance of a new costumed villain called The Raven.[251] After trying a couple of new outfits from fans, Robin was once again attacked by The Raven, but this time he noticed a connection between an organized criminal gang.[252] Robin confronted The Raven a third time[253] and with help from Duela Dent, they managed to learn the secret location of MAZE's headquarters, who were behind it all. Robin and Duela managed to round the criminal organization with help from the New Carthage Police Department, but The Raven escaped. Nevertheless, Robin knew the villain's secret identity and the next day, he confronted David Corby at the Hudson University campus as Dick Grayson. Corby was exposed as The Raven in front of everyone, including Lori Elton, who realized the mistake she had made, much too late. As Corby was taken by the authorities, Dick turned his back on Lori, ending their relationship for good and he moved onwards with his life.[254]

After his relationship with Lori came to an end, Dick started dating a girl called Jennifer Ann, but his work was Robin made difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.[255] Especially when criminals like Penguin showed up in town.[256] When Robin learned that Bruce Wayne's lawyer had hired a spy to protect him, he travelled to Gotham and put an end to the charade.[257] After this, Robin realized that he was always meant to be in Gotham City and he dropped out of college, abandoning Hudson University and his relationship with Jennifer Ann.[258][259]

Working with Batgirl

Batgirl kisses Robin

Flirting Relation

While at Hudson U, Dick noticed that Batgirl was investigating a murder case on the campus and he started following her as Robin.[260] He saved Batgirl from a death at the hands of the killer and together, they captured the criminal.[261]

Eventually, Dick Grayson was summoned to help Barbara Gordon in Washington, DC. It was at this point that Robin and Batgirl started teaming-up more frequently and a flirtatious relation between them started.[262] The next time they worked together was in Pricetown, where they had to solve the mystery behind living dinosaurs and ancient warriors. They eventually learned that it was all part of an illusion and during this adventure they learned each other's secret identities.[263] Afterwards, Robin and Batgirl stopped the criminal organization MAZE from murdering a foreign Princess, in what would be the first encounter against the hired killers.[264]

Robin and Batgirl were then kidnapped by Huntress and Sportsmaster and forced to compete against each other. The young heroes, however, managed to turn the table against the crooks and captured them with team-work.[265] When Barbara went to Hudson University to give a speech, Robin learned that someone had stolen the plaque award for Barbara and working together with Batgirl, they recovered the stolen prize.[266]

Afterwards, Robin tricked MAZE and prepared a set-up to capture a large faction of the organization along with Batgirl's help.[267] Shortly after this, Robin and Batgirl were lured to a trap in New York City, where they teamed-up with Man-Bat in order to defeat the menace of the Outsider. It was during this caper that Robin opened up about his feelings for Barbara, telling her that he loved her, but due to exhaustion, she fell asleep during his confession.[268]

Right after the last mission, Robin was called by Batgirl and they started searching for a cure to the virus that caused Batwoman to disintegrate and was highly contagious.[269] Later, Robin teamed-up with Batgirl once again to put an end to the Five-In-One Foe's crimes.[270] When a new villain created a massive emergency in Washington, Robin went down to help Batgirl against the Power Sower and with help from Red Tornado and Elongated Man, they stopped the villain's evil scheme.[271] Working on a drug smuggling ring, Barbara was drugged and manipulated by an evil scientist who erased her memories. Robin helped Barbara recover most of her memories, but they agreed that she should not remember Batman and Robin's true identities for the time being.[272]

Occasional Sidekick

Batman Vol 1 232 Textless

Robin is The Demon's Victim

While studying at college, Dick had very few opportunities to work alongside Batman and every time they worked together, it was mostly out of necessity and by chance. During a summer vacation, Dick became interested in solving the alleged death of a famous musician and he asked Batman to help him solve the case.[273] Shortly after, Robin was kidnapped by the Dynamic Duo's old enemy, Dr. Tzin-Tzin, who used Robin to lure Batman into a deadly trap.[274] This scenario would repeat once when Robin was kidnapped by the secret society known as the Brotherhood of the Demon and he was used as bait to lure Batman to their hideout in the Himalayas. Robin was kept in the dark, but unharmed for a few days until Batman arrived and rescued his young partner. They worked together again to take down the members of the Brotherhood, but Robin soon learned that it was all part of a plan from the Brotherhood's secret leader, Ra's al Ghul, who wanted to test Batman before giving him his empire and his daughter, Talia.[275]

Afterwards, Dick and some friends attended the Rutland Halloween Parade, but Dick was forced to confront a costumed killer known as The Reaper and failed to stop him. Batman had to save Robin and started working to capture the killer.[276] Robin then helped Batman by posing as the waterfront gangster, Matches Malone, while Batman gathered a team to defeat Ra's al Ghul.[277] Not long after this, Robin was rescued by Batman from a criminal known as The Butcher, who tried to murder Robin by beheading him.[278] In New Year's Eve, Robin assisted Batman during an ongoing investigation to capture a criminal who threatened Gotham with releasing nerve gas. Batman, Robin and Alfred eventually managed to stop the crook.[279] When Robin went investigating the murder of a circus acrobat, he was soon joined by Batman and together they managed to capture the culprit along with Catwoman, who reappeared after a long time of inactivity.[280]

Batman 279

Fighting The Riddler

After this, Robin was kidnapped by a criminal called the Judge, whose main idea was to lure Batman into a trap and use Robin as bait. The Judge succeeded in luring Batman into his trap, but while the Dark Knight confronted the Judge, Robin broke free and helped Batman capture the Judge.[281] When Robin learned about Bruce's "strange" behaviour, he investigated and discovered that Bruce and Alfred had been captured by the notorious criminal, Professor Hugo Strange. Robin rescued Bruce and Alfred and he defeated most of Strange's Monster Men and his female accomplice as well.[282]

After this, Robin worked with Batman to save Lori Elton from a criminal known as Scar, who had kidnapped Lori and planned to disfigure her face.[283] During his Summer vacation in Gotham, Robin joined Batman and they stopped the Crazy Quilt, accidentally leaving him blind.[284]

Batman and Robin continued their occasional team-up and they stopped most of the regular criminals of Gotham such as Two-Face,[285] the Joker,[286][287] the Penguin,[288][289] the Riddler,[290][291] and regular criminals.[292]

College Dropout

Robin made his comeback permanent after he dropped out of college, but Batman was not too happy about his return.[293] With tensions growing between them, Robin decided to leave Bruce's partnership when he allowed Talia to stay with him at the Wayne Foundation Penthouse.[294] Suspecting that Talia had ulterior reasons, Robin sought the help from a reformed Catwoman to find the truth.[295] Robin and Catwoman continued working and they were eventually contacted by King Faraday and summoned to Shanghai to assist him during an investigation. Once there, Robin and Catwoman were captured by a crime lord, who planned to have them killed.[296] Catwoman and Robin escaped and rescued King Faraday before they went to Infinity Island, where they were captured by Ra's al Ghul.[297] Robin and the others were eventually rescued by Batman and they all returned to Gotham after Ra's defeat. After the whole affair, Bruce and Dick became a team once again, if only temporarily.[298]

After this event, Robin was contacted by Alfred in order to help Batman with a fear related problem. Robin enlisted Batgirl's help and they located the Scarecrow, who was responsible for drugging Batman with a variation of his fear toxin. Although Robin and Batgirl were captured by the Scarecrow, their information was vital for Batman to stop the Scarecrow and save them.[299]

After this events, Dick joined Hill's Circus as part of the the trapeze act and he helped his friends solve various crimes.[300][301] On his way back to Gotham, Robin solved a few more crimes by himself.[302][303][304] Finally, Robin returned to Gotham and joined Batman once more in what would be his last tenure as Robin. During this short stint, Robin assisted Batman against supervillains like Poison Ivy,[305] Dr. Death,[306] and Two-Face.[307]

Dick also resumed his studies, but this time he attended Gotham University, where he met a woman called Dala.[308] Although they started dating,[306] Dick became suspicious when she started acting like there was nothing between them.[309] During this time, Dick joined Bruce and Alfred and they all moved back to Wayne Manor,[310] but Dick was still concerned about Dala. He followed her as Robin to a mysterious old house in the middle of nowhere, where he was knocked unconscious by a hooded figure.[311] When he recovered, Robin learned that Dala and her companion, the Monk were vampires and he was bitten by her.[312] Robin soon became a mindless slave of Dala and he caused Batman to fall into a trap at the Monk's place.[313] Once Batman transformed into a vampire, he trapped Dick[314] and found a cure to revert the curse.[315]

New Teen Titans

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Boy Wonder No More

During his final days as Robin, Dick worked with Batman and stopped the evil Colonel Blimp,[316][317] Ra's al Ghul,[318] Hugo Strange,[319] and Rupert Thorne.[320] After this, Dick became friends with a family of trapeze artist and he introduced the Todds to Bruce.[321] When Dick learned that Sloan Circus was being blackmailed by a new criminal called Killer Croc,[322] he organized a plan with the Todds that would help him nail the crook.[323] Unfortunately, the Todds were killed by Croc and their son, Jason was left an orphan. At first, Dick wanted to adopt him, but Bruce had other plans in mind.[324]

After a short time, Dick realized that he could no longer keep his Robin identity while leading the Teen Titans. Robin was always going to be Batman's sidekick and for this reason, he decided to drop this identity and allowed Jason to become the new Robin and continue his legacy. However, as he made this decision, Dick started looking for a new identity, one that he could claim for himself and make his own.[325][326]


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Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Imaginary Tales

There are a number of imaginary tales that have been told about the Earth-One Robin. These stories are not part of Earth-One canon. The following is a complete list of the imaginary tales:

The first imaginary tale about the Earth-One Robin was told written by Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth. In this imaginary story Alfred tells a tale about Batman and Batwoman getting married and retiring together, leaving Dick Grayson to take up the mantle of Batman II while the role of Robin II is taken up by Bruce Wayne Jr.[327] Alfred revisits this idea in another imaginary story about Batman II and Robin II wherein they stop criminal John Crandall.[142] This starts a regular trend of imaginary tales about Robin's future life after Batman has been married. In another imaginary tale written by Alfred about Batman II and Robin II, the new Dynamic Duo battle the Joker and his son.[171] Alfred would revisit this imaginary world one more time to tell how Bruce Wayne Jr. would aid Dick Grayson against the Green Owl Gang.[328]

Another common theme of imaginary tales involving Robin usually have to do with changes in the life of longtime Batman associate Superman. In the first of these Robin appears in an imaginary tale about Lex Luthor supposedly going straight and aiding Superman in his crime-fighting endeavors. This, however, is all a plot by Luthor to kill Superman, a plot which Superman's greatest foe succeeds at. Robin is seen attending the funeral of Superman with the Man of Steels many friends and associates.[329] Another imaginary tale regarding the wedding anniversary of Superman and Lois Lane depicts Robin being present at the anniversary.[330]


Convergence Vol 1 0 Textless
This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear.
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Before he and Earth-One were erased by the Crisis on Infinite Earths, his Gotham was taken by Brainiac and Telos and he is trapped for a year. About half a year after being trapped, he married Starfire. Before the dome went down, he and Starfire stop a robbery and end up fighting when Starfire decides to try to kill the robbers. He and the Titans fight the Earth-9 Doom Patrol, which ends with Cyborg being injured. He is contacted by Lourdes, who seeks to strike a deal with him.[331]


  • This version of Robin, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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