Talon was the young partner of Owlman.

Richard was a young acrobat in the circus which his parents had taken, but the real family business was laundering money. The boys acrobatic skills caught the attention of Owlman. To him, Richard was a potential crime mate and a younger brother. Owlman sabotaged one of the Grayson family acrobatic shows, killing Richard's mother, father and sister and leaving him an orphan. With no other family, the boy was taken in by Thomas and trained to become the villain Talon.

Years later, Thomas decided it was better to tell Richard the truth about the death of his family rather then let him find out on his own. This news makes Talon distance himself from his mentor. Eventually, this leads him to try to defeat the Joker on his own, the greatest enemy of Owlman. However, his plans do not go as desired and he is captured and later killed by the Joker.




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