Dick Grayson became trapped in the confluct between the Amazons and Atlanteans.

Dick Grayson was one third of the family acrobatics team called the Flying Graysons that toured with Haley's Circus.

While touring in Poland, the circus was attacked by Amazon soldiers looking to steal Kent Nelson's Helmet of Fate. In their escape, Nelson was killed, but Grayson and a few survivors managed to keep the helmet in their possession within an underground bunker.

Making a run for it, the rest of Haley's survivors were killed by the Amazons, leaving only Dick and the helmet on the run with the ghost of Deadman to protect him. Trapping his attackers with a gas fire, Grayson was met by the Resistance, who offered that he join. He agreed, deciding to use the Helmet of Fate that the Amazons had destroyed his circus over against them by becoming Doctor Fate.





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