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Quote1.png How many more victims...? ...How many masks on that call is Peacekeeper-01 going to hurt and torture and kill and-- --I need to reset. Refocus. Prepare. Quote2.png
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Richard John "Dick" Grayson is the leader of the Teen Titans. He was once the leader of a Resistance in Gotham City, fighting against the rule of the Magistrate.

Gotham City's Resistance

Nightwing took refuge in Arkham Asylum after the Magistrate killed his mentor, Batman, and started their no-mask initiative inside Gotham. Rallying the troops of the Batman Family, Dick organized a Resistance, becoming the most feared enemy of the iron grasp of the Magistrate and Peacekeeper-01, driven by the sadness that he felt after a man who was like a father to him, Bruce Wayne, was murdered. After several clashes with the Magistrate, he decided to let them track him to Arkham, to lead them in a conflict on his home field. Meanwhile, the new Batman approached him, tired of being alone in the fight against the tyrants ruling Gotham, and asked him for membership inside the resistance. After accepting Batman's plea for alliance, he was attacked, like he wanted, by the Magistrate, with forces led by Captain Marks, better known as Peacekeeper-06. [1]

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Two years later, Dick was part of the Teen Titans, leading them together with Starfire. He went on a mission with Emiko to find the H-Dial, returning to the Titans' safe house in Queens just after Cybeast, the merged version of Cyborg and Beast Boy, came back with information about the retrieval of the Spear of Destiny. The spear was essential to defeating the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Dick decided that he needed the assistance of his former student, Red X, and freed him from his prison, deeming it a second chance for himself.

Donning the mask of Deathstroke, former nemesis of the Titans, Dick admitted that his student was correct about why he had first donned the mantle of Red X, giving him back his mask. [2]


  • Brane-Enhanced Intelligence: In an attempt to stay one step ahead of the Magistrate and the villains of Gotham City, Nightwing began microdosing the experimental Venom offshoot Brane, which enhanced his intelligence and his mental fortitude.[3]
    • Precognition: After mainlining Brane, Dick gained glimpses of the future, which would continue for as long as he stayed exposed to it.[4][4]




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