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Quote1.png This is the end. Here you are, after everything. Everything you've done, Dick. Right back where you started. On a rope. On the end of a rope. Finished. Quote2.png
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Richard "Dick" Grayson is the mayor of Bludhaven and the former hero known as Nightwing.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth

For the centenario of Thomas Wayne's birth, Bruce Wayne inaugurates a new building for Neo-Gotham, the Wayne Family Center of Tomorrow, and Dick decides to accept the invitation and get to Gotham City together with his daughter Elainna.[1] The two get involved in the terrorist attack of a returning Joker, who destroys the building to signal his comeback. Saved by the new Batman and Robin, Dick gets furious at Bruce for letting another young boy, Matthew McGinnis, take on the mantle of the Boy Wonder.[2]

Dick and Elainna decide to follow Bruce in the Batcave where the search for the Joker starts: soon the clown prince of crime is successful in kidnapping Robin, and Dick goes out to help Terry find him.[3] As the Joker tricked them, a face to face is set between the madman and Bruce in the Batcave, but the Joker is surprised by fate when an heart attack strikes him, killing him in the lair of the Bat.[4] As the threat is over once and for all, Dick saves Matt's life as the kid almost got killed while fighting the last of the Jokerz Gang members. Dick tells Matt that he should stop being Robin and that he should just worry about living his life like a normal kid. In the end, both Terry and Bruce agree with him and Matt has to renounce to his role as the Boy Wonder.[5]




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