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Quote1.png Robin! The better half of the Dynamic Duo. The scourge of the underworld with a one-track mind laser-focused on vengeance and justice. Robin! The boy detective whose physical and mental prowess has yet to be equaled. Quote2.png
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Robin is the former sidekick of Batman and the leader of the Teen Titans.

Early Life

Dick Grayson as a baby

Richard Grayson was born into a family of circus performers. As a baby, he developed a subconscious fear of letting his guard down due to a traumatic experience when the circus animals bullied him. [6]

When he was old enough, Grayson's parents taught him how to become an acrobat like them, and, together, they performed as the Flying Graysons. However, eventually, when Grayson's parents refused to pay the mob "insurance" fees, they were dramatically murdered, leading to his adoption by the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Wayne, who secretly worked as the vigilante Batman, trained his ward into becoming his sidekick, giving him the codename Robin. [7] [8]

Forming the Teen Titans

Story 1

Robin before the Titans

Robin at some point left Batman's mentorship to make a name for himself in Jump City. However, upon arriving there by himself, Robin released he was out of his league and needed to form a superhero team. He reached out to multiple local teenage superheroes to audition: Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, Bumblebee, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy, as well as a young, powerless athlete named Victor Stone.

Robin discovered that he lost his composure whenever he interacted with Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Victor, so instead, at the end of the auditions, chose to partner up with Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Bumblebee to form the Teen Titans. However, the new members decided they didn't like Robin as their leader and immediately voted to kick him out of his own team.

Robin reconnected with the heroes he had initially rejected and decided to form their own team to challenge Kid Flash and the other heroes for the right to own Titans Tower. Though the competition for Titans Tower was rigged in favor of Kid Flash's team, Robin and his Titans cheated anyway and kicked the other heroes out of the Tower, forcing them to form a rival team on the east coast called Titans East. [9]

Story 2

In an alternate version of their origin, Robin decided to leave his partnership with Batman because he felt he couldn't escape the Bat's shadow - literally. At times, Batman would lose track of Robin because the sidekick would be dwarfed by the hero's own shadow. So, Robin left Gotham City for Jump City and wanted a team of sidekicks he could call his own, but, for the sake of politeness, he decided to call them "teammates".

Robin used a computer program to search for teenage heroes that would fit the archetypes for the team he wanted to form. Robin went to Chicago and recruited the new hero Cyborg, Africa to recruit Beast Boy, the demon dimension to recruit Raven, and an alien spaceship to recruit Starfire. Upon rescuing Starfire from her alien captors, Robin was immediately smitten by her, but Starfire remained obliviously unattracted to him.

When Robin returned to Jump City, all the heroes he reached out to reconvened with him, and they stopped a group of bank robbers, thus forming the Teen Titans.

Though all the Titans liked this version of the story, they didn't think anyone would ever believe it. [10]

Teen Titans Movie

After the success of their movie, the Teen Titans basked in their 15 minutes of fame until, 20 minutes later, they discovered they had become has-beens. Darkseid refused to fight them, having seen their movie and disliked their humor, Baloon Man got an inflated head about his role in the movie and thought he outgrew the stars, and the H.I.V.E. Five refused to associate with the Titans to preserve their own reputation.

Though the Titans went into a temporary depression from their crashing fame, they found renewed interest in crimefighting - focusing on petty crimes like littering and overdue library books.

Soon after, the Titans decided to seek new jobs in the movie industry. Robin found a niche as an overly artistic director. However, the Titans became disillusioned with behind-the-scenes work as well and, upon declaring their return to the "real world", they discovered they were actually in a comic book the whole time, having been trapped by Control Freak. Eventually, they returned to the status quo. [11]





  • Robin was nominated for "Best Boogie" for his dance in Super Robin in the 2014 Cartoon Network sponsored Hall of Game Awards.
  • Robin's telephone number is 555-0128. [13]
  • When recruiting the Teen Titans, Robin was between the ages of 15 and 18. [14]



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