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Quote1.png Times change. Yes, I've been inside his head. I know what it's like to lose your parents like he did. We were a family act. I used to be closer to him than anyone else. But these days, it seems he is now in better hands. Quote2.png
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Robin is the former sidekick of Batman and the leader of the Teen Titans.

After leaving his mentor, Robin went to fight crime on his own. However, this plan was derailed when Starfire crashed to Earth. Along with Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven, the five of them teamed up to fight off the Citadel. Later they formed the Teen Titans.

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  • Acrobatics: Robin is a trained acrobat even before he became Robin.
  • Criminology: Robin was trained by a master criminologist, he has studied many criminals over the years and even became one to get closer to one.
  • Disguise: Robin disguised himself as the criminal Red X.
  • Gadgetry: One of Robin's main traits is his aptitude with gadgets, he's created them all himself and practices every single day.
  • Investigation: Robin was trained by a master detective and has a promising career as one.
  • Martial Arts: Part of his martial arts training, Robin trains every single day to continue to hone his skill in unarmed combat.
  • Leadership: Robin was once a sidekick but has since become the leader of the Teen Titans as well as helping begin the Titan's East.
  • Martial Arts: Robin has his own style of martial arts which he has adapted from learning various styles of unarmed martial arts from around the world.
  • Throwing: Robin has almost pinpoint accuracy with his birdarangs.
  • Stick Fighting


  • Obsession: Robin is highly vulnerable to be manipulate by his fighting crime hungry and the need to defeat Slade at any cost.




  • Even though the character has been eventually confirmed as Dick Grayson, this version was admittedly heavily inspired by Timothy Drake: from personality to outfit, including his weapons.[4]



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