Quote1.png Batman was always a father to me, but that doesn't mean I've forgot my roots. Once a Flying Grayson, always a Flying Grayson! Quote2.png
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Dick Grayson was Robin, the first sidekick of Batman. He later struck on his own as Nightwing, leading the Teen Titans, but still worked with Batman from time to time.

Though never explicitly mentioned, Dick Grayson's origin was most likely the same as the others - the son of Richard and Mary Grayson, Dick's life was changed forever when they were killed in a horrible accident. Recruited by Batman, Dick became his vibrant partner Robin, aiding the Caped Crusader in his fights. One battle ended with Robin accidentally rendering the villainous Crazy Quilt color blind. However, as the years went on, Dick got fed up with being treated as a sidekick and left for Bludhaven, becoming its guardian. One incident lead Batman to join his former partner in dealing with the the vengeful Crazy Quilt. During this time, Dick began to air out his frustrations towards Batman, though it's unknown if he heard him. The two defeated Quilt and the two went on another case... with Robin playing the sidekick again.

Sometime later, Dick teamed up with two of his friends, Speedy and Aqualad, and ended up dealing with Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia. Victorious, Dick decided it was time to shed his Robin identity. He approached Batman in his new guise, telling him that he was going to make his own mark and began to unveil his new name when Batman gave out "Nightwing". Dick began to complain, but decided otherwise as he realized that it was a perfect fit, thanking his former mentor.







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