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Dick Grayson was an acrobat. Then he donned a cape and a mask and he became Robin, the sidekick of Batman. He occassionaly operated under a second alias: Nightwing.

Robin was a well liked student, and though Batgirl, Duela, Enigma and Starfire all loved him, though he only cared for his crush, Batgirl.

New Name

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

As a bird-based superhero, Robin is often being chased by actual birds, in his case being actual birds. He asked Raven, who is often followed by ravens, for advice. She told him to be assertive, but when that failed, Grayson opted to change his alias to Nightwing, successfully evading the birds.[1] Unfortunately, many people either made fun of his new name or simply didn't acknowledge it and continued calling him Robin. He eventually returned to the role of Robin to avoid confusion.[2]

Monkey Magic

Robin the Chimpanzee

Beppo stole Zatara's magic wand and started turning individuals into Chimpanzees. Among these individuals was Robin. Once he became accustomed to his new form, he helped Monsieur Mallah found the Titans Apes, a group of primate heroes.[3] He later returned to normal.[4]

Driving Me Batty

With the Batcave filled with Zatara's bunnies and Penguin's penguins, all the bats left the cave. Batman ordered Robin to find the bats as soon as he returned from patrol. Dick called Barbara over for help and she brought along the toddlers she was babysitting, Jason Toddler and Tim Drake. The toddlers took a pair of his pair costumes and started calling themselves Robin. Bat-Mite teleported into the cave and after seeing the new Robins, summoned a bag of Batsuits and suggested dressing the bunnies in them. Dick and Barbara then proceeded to duct tape and glue the bunnies to the ceiling to complete the illusion. Batman returned to the cave and, oblivious to the trick, congratulated them on finding the bats and their recruitment of Jason and Tim.[5]

Little Archie

Robin meets Archie Andrews

Alfred Pennyworth and Mary Andrews accidently given the others drycleaning. As a result, Robin was given Archie Andrews' clothes and Archie Robin's. On his way to school, Robin ran into Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Reggie Mantle. They mistook him for Archie and dragged him along. The came across the Tiny Titans, who believed Archie was Robin. After Raven cleared up the misunderstanding, the two groups quickly befriended one another.[6]

When Robin wanted to hangout with Raven and Sabrina Spellman, Veronica, who convinced herself Robin and her were an item, got jealous and dragged him to her mansion. Her father, Hiram Lodge, disapproved of Robin due to him wearing an R insignia similar to Robin. Veronica was flabbergasted as she didn't realized he wore an R and, annoyed he didn't inform her of this, left him. Robin then tried to befriend Mr. Lodge, but was quickly kicked out of the premises.[7]

Other Earth Heroes

Robin noticed that Talon's behavior mirrored his own and accused him of copying him. Talon explained that he was his counterpart from across the Multiverse. He didn't believe him so Talon called Raven and she opened a portal to a third alternate reality. The Titans emerged from the portal, the counterparts of the Tiny Titans that wore opposite color schemes. The two teams quickly befriended one another, but this annoyed Talon, who believed the opposite colors should've meant they were morally reverse as well.[8]







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