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Richard Grey, Jr. was the first Black Condor, a flying hero and member of the original Freedom Fighters.

Grey's power was caused by exposure to a radioactive meteor, though he erroneously believed he had developed it naturally after being orphaned in the wilderness as a child and raised by a flock of wild condors. Grey originally used his powers to become the heroic Black Condor in Asia, but on a trip back to America (where his parents were from), he stumbled upon the murder of Senator Thomas Wright (to whom he bore an uncanny resemblance) and took on the dead man's identity. He began leading a double life as both Senator Thomas Wright and the crime busting Black Condor, eventually joining first the All-Star Squadron and then the Freedom Fighters.

The Black Condor relocated to Earth-X in February 1942 alongside the other Freedom Fighters[1] and, kept youthful by the mystical presence of Uncle Sam, fought the Nazis (who won World War II on that world) for decades as part of an underground resistance movement until the arrival of the Justice League of America of Earth-One and their colleagues in the Justice Society of America from Grey's own original home world of Earth-Two tipped the balance in their favor and the Nazis were finally defeated.

Initially, the Freedom Fighters dedicated themselves to rebuilding Earth-X, but after some months boredom set in (a lifetime of fighting having left them unprepared for peace) and they relocated again, to Earth-One, where they attempted to carve out a career as crime fighters. Unfortunately, they fell prey to the machinations of the Silver Ghost and spent several months as hunted fugitives from the law, with the Condor (who had apparently gained telepathic powers during the crossing from Earth-X) briefly being controlled by the demon Homilus (who had actually been responsible for those abilities). Eventually, Grey and the other Freedom Fighters returned to Earth-X, though they did visit Earth-One on at least one more occasion, to assist Superman.

The Black Condor participated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths with the other Freedom Fighters, after which his personal history was changed as he became a part of the New Earth timeline (see Richard Grey, Jr. (New Earth)).


  • Flight: Black Condor unlocked the ability of self-propelled flight after being exposed to meteorite radiation, although he initially believed himself to be a mutant who naturally developed the ability.
  • Telepathy: After the demon Homilus attempted to possess Black Condor, the hero developed telepathic powers, although he never used them to read a mind. (Formerly)
    • Clairvoyance: Black Condor primarily used his telepathic powers to ascertain information to help further his and the Freedom Fighters' goals.[2] (Formerly)



  • Power Instability: After first communing with the demon Homilus, Black Condor developed telepathic powers. Whenever he used them, however, he would lose control of his mind and go berserk, blindly lashing out at his surroundings and those nearby. Continued use of his telepathic powers led Black Condor's loss of control to become more and more violent, as Homilus got closer and closer to fully possessing the hero. Once Homilus was defeated, these telepathic powers, and thus this weakness, faded.[3] (Formerly)

  • The Freedom Fighters were relocated to a parallel world, one called "Earth-X", where Nazi Germany had won World War II. The team was featured in its own series for 15 issues (1976–1978), in which it temporarily left Earth-X for "Earth-One" (where most DC titles are set).
  • In 1981, some Quality Characters became recurring guest-stars of All-Star Squadron, a superhero-team title set on "Earth-Two", the locale for DC's WWII-era superheroes, and at a time prior to when the Freedom Fighters were supposed to have left for Earth-X. They later appeared with the rest of DC's superheroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, a story that was intended to eliminate the confusing histories that DC had attached to its characters by retroactively merging the various parallel worlds into one. The Freedom Fighters became a mere splinter group of the All-Star Squadron.



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