Richard Grey, Jr. was the original Black Condor, a founding member of the Freedom Fighters.


His power of flight was caused by exposure to a radioactive meteor, though he erroneously believed he had developed it naturally after being orphaned in the wilderness as a child and raised by a flock of wild Condors. Returning to civilization as an adult, he stumbled upon the murder of Senator Thomas Wright (to whom he bore an uncanny resemblance) and took on the dead man's identity. He began leading a double life as both Senator Wright and the crime busting Black Condor, eventually joining first the All-Star Squadron and then the Freedom Fighters, whom he fought alongside throughout World War II and afterwards.

Freedom Fighters

His ultimate fate is unclear, but in recent years a ghostly apparition which appeared to be Grey/Wright began manipulating Ryan Kendall, the second Black Condor. He claimed at one point that he lived "with some friends, at the top of the world" but this remark was never explained.



  • A Black Condor who appeared to be Grey attended Black Canary and Green Arrow's wedding, though he appeared to be ignored by the other guests so he may still have been a 'ghost'.



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