Quote1 Jaynes wants a headline. And I'm afraid Jason Blood's...exotic line of work will make an excellent headline. As District Attorney, he's within his rights to have you held until you're arraigned. Next thing you know, he'll be after you, Batman. Quote2
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Richard Jaynes was a Gotham District Attorney who met his untimely fate after selfishly pursuing the infamous Demon Case.

In the small hours of the night, Jaynes returned to the GCPD Headquarters to retrieve some papers and inadvertently overheard Lieutenant Kitch interviewing two suspects who were telling a wild story about magic and demons. He eavesdropped on the whole interrogation before Kitch caught him when leaving to corroborate the suspects' claims.[1] Amazingly, the unbelievable tale of Jason Blood's disappearance was substantiated by Batman who had encountered his demon first-hand, so Commissioner Gordon dropped all charges against Glenda Mark and Randu Singh. Jaynes, on the other hand, was not letting such a high profile case slip through his fingers and stormed into the Commissioner's office to announce he would be prosecuting, and that any interference would be met with a media backlash.[2]

Jaynes incarcerated the two suspects without bail, but was later woken at his home by a knock on the door. A young boy and a cat stood on his door step announcing audaciously that they were his new lodgers.[3] Introducing himself as Klarion, the dangerous witchboy quickly took over the house, keeping Jaynes and his wife, Janet, hostage.[4] While Teekl kept "Dick" and his wife in check, Klarion assumed the D.A.'s appearance and headed to the trial to exact his revenge on "uncle" Jason's friends. He manipulated Judge Wright's mind, causing a fit of madness where the Judge sentenced the defendants to death immediately and pulling the bailiff's gun on them.[5] Fortunately, Bruce Wayne was attending the trial and disarmed the judge just as Jason Blood interrupted the proceedings. The imposter D.A. slipped out of the courthouse and returned to the Jaynes home where Klarion found Richard huddled in a corner near the grisly remains of his wife, eaten by Teekl. The witchboy decided to play some music, encouraging the anthropomorphic Teekl to dance with Jaynes. A parting dance of death.[6]


  • Law: Jaynes was the ambitious, self-serving D.A. of Gotham City.[2]

  • Jaynes' hair is sometimes depicted as being brown rather than black. Usually in the courtroom scenes.
  • Jaynes' wore a yellow fedora and overcoat, much like Dick Tracy.
  • Jaynes had a vinyl collection of classic music. The music Klarion selected for his "last dance" was Night on Bald Mountain.[6]



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