Kent Shakespeare was a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, functioning as both a combat operative and the resident medical expert. He joined the Legion under the codename "Impulse" sometime after the Magic War, but resigned along with many others during the Black Dawn. During his retirement, he became a medical student at an Outpost called Medicus One, where he would be reintroduced to the Legion during an attack from the Persuader.[1] He was later erased from history by waves of chronal entropy during Zero Hour.[2]

In this revised timeline, Kent Shakespeare becomes Superman at some point. His contemporaries are Brane Taylor as Batman and Elna Kent as Superwoman. Shakespeare was defeated by Epoch, and then saved by Batman and Superwoman.[3]



  • Medical Science: Kent has extensive Medical knowledge, having attended Medical School. He is a capable paramedic, and has spent time working in the Medicus One clinic outpost.



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