Pyroman was a member of SMASH.


Martin was a student under Andrew Bryant at Central Tech, where he was accidentally exposed to an electrical current from a dynamo that was being tested. It was only the special "neutralized current" being used that kept him from being killed.

He was later framed for, and found guilty, of murder. He was sentenced to die in the electric chair. The chair failed to kill him, it instead gave him the electrical powers that he used to track down the people who framed him. Using an old masquerade costume, he debuted as Pyroman.

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  • Unique Physiology: Dick Martin's body was electrocuted by a neutralized current which, luckily, helped him survive a later fatal dose of electricity. The subsequent amount of voltage coursing through his body gave him special abilities.
    • Electrokinesis: Dick Martin can create electricity, pull it from other sources, cause massive electrical blasts and short out electronics.
    • Electromagnetism: Dick Martin can sense radio waves, create magnetic fields and manipulate metal.
      • Flight: Through a combination of magnetic and electrical energy, Pyroman can fly through the air unaided.

  • Richard Martin is also known as Dickie Martin.



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