The Muse was an enemy of Blue Beetle.

Richard Perignon was the son of the mob boss Vincent Perignon and one of his lieutenants. His father saw him as the heir to the family business and planned Richard's future out for him. Richard had other ideas however and longed to be an actor, a profession his father forbade him to pursue. Richard donned a harlequin costume and adopted the identity of Muse in order to organize Chicago's local street gangs into a force that could sweep away his father's organization and allow him to become an actor.

Unfortunately, Muse's efforts brought him into conflict with the Blue Beetle and The Question. As his plans began to fall apart, Richard, in desperation, confronted his father and ordered him to quit the mob, but the older Perignon went berserk, and swore to slay both the Muse and the leaders of the city's youth gangs. This led to a late-night confrontation in Wrigley Field between the Blue Beetle, The Question, the gangs, the mobsters, and the Muse. Richard was ultimately killed when he threw himself in front of his father from being shot by a gang member.



Though carrying heavy military armaments on his costume, the Muse preferred to utilize nonlethal weapons, such as laughing gas and tear gas (which mirrored the symbolic theater masks of Comedy and Tragedy).



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