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Lionheart was a British superhero who was an ally of the Justice League International.

A former union dockworker, Richard Plante's bravery and fierce loyalty to his native United Kingdom made him an ideal recruit to defend England as a government operative. Clad in advanced armor and wielding a blazing energy sword, Plante -- a direct descendant of King Richard I -- dubbed himself "Lionheart" after his namesake. In his first appearance, he allied with Justice League International to stop several alien parasites rampaging through London and murdering innocent civilians during the events of "Bloodlines". Although he was bitten by one of the aliens himself, "Pritor", he survived the attack and went on to ally himself with several different incarnations of the Justice League over the years.


  • Energy Sword

  • Although most of the other New Bloods to have been bitten by the alien Parasites during Bloodlines manifested metahuman powers or abilities, it is unclear whether Lionheart's interaction with the parasites changed him in anyway. It doesn't seem to matter, however, as he has frequently proved himself a more than capable fighter even without his high-tech armor, and is a formidable and relentless foe.



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