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The Red Bee was a costumed crimefighter who protected Superior City with a trained bee.

The Red Bee's secret identity was Rick Raleigh, assistant district attorney in Superior City. His modus operandi was to put on a red and yellow costume and, with his trained bee and bare fists, fight gangsters. His favorite bee was named Michael and lived inside a pouch on Rick's belt for use in special circumstances. Michael was able to inflict multiple stings, unlike normal bees, and was also amazingly intelligent.



  • Alto-Gainer: a steel box, the size of a large desk, on wheels, with a spring-loaded piston inside. He would wheel it into position on the sidewalk outside an office building, set the spring for 400 feet, and be catapulted to the 20th floor of the building, where he manually catches a ledge and breaks in through a window.[1] Nobody else had one of these.


  • He briefly had an autogyro, parked on the roof of his apartment building, but he sank it in the Columbia River.[2]
  • He had a bright red motorcycle with a sidecar,[3] and a bright red roadster, with an "automatic driving device" built in.[4]


  • Trained Bees

  • In his brief career in Hit Comics (24 issues), the Red Bee was hit in the head hard enough to knock him unconscious, a minimum of 14 times.
  • Initially, Red Bee had strawberry blond hair and his uniform included red and yellow striped pants. Later appearances show him with black hair and yellow pants.