Richard Sionis was a mafia crime lord and the original founder of the False Face Society.

After having his credit card stolen by Selina Kyle and David Franco many years ago, he recruited the latter into his gang to expand the Society's power all the way in Europe.[1]

However, the False Face Society splintered into two rival parts as Richard's son Roman attempted to usurp his father and took the name Black Mask. Having survived for years and nearing death by old age in a hospital, Richard was finally killed by his son, who snuck into the hospital dressed as a nurse and poisoned him in order to regain complete control of the Society. Leaving his father's signature mask on his corpse, Black Mask continued his crusade to eliminate all threats to his gang.[2]


  • Leadership: Richard Sionis created the False Face Society, leading it to spread all the way to Europe until it splintered with the Black Mask's rise to power.[3]
  • Deception: Sionis was able to conceal his affiliation with the False Face Society for years, always maintaining deniability all the way to his death bed.[4]

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Rebirth and is an adaptation of The Mask. The original character was created by Bruno Heller and first appeared in the Gotham TV series.
  • In previous continuities, Roman Sionis' father was actually Charles Sionis, a non-supervillain who Roman killed after suffering years of abuse. Charles Sionis has seemingly been retconned out of continuity, in favour of Richard Sionis, a character similar to Black Mask that first appeared in Gotham.



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