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Quote1 Let's give these boys a taste of what it's like to mess with the Suicide Squad. Quote2
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Rick Flag was the leader of the Suicide Squad.

Rick was among the the members of a mysterious group that attacked and abducted Oliver Queen at the satellite station. He interrogated and tortured Oliver for information about his team and his involvement in the recent alien attack. He later released Oliver, but warned him that he wasn't through with him yet, and traded him for another hostage, Chloe Sullivan. Rick had Plastique and Deadshot track the heroes, as he encountered Oliver who was searching for Chloe. He told Green Arrow that she had killed herself by ingesting cyanide pills. He and Plastique later broke Deadshot out of prison.

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Rick Flag targeted General Lane for his support and contribution for the vigilante registration law. He aims to eliminate those who would force heroes and super-powered people to come out of hiding. Later to justify his assassination attempt on the general (he fired a missile that was meant to eliminate Sam Lane and those in his company), he said he did so to keep the Act from being passed, however it almost killed Lois Lane, had it not been for the Blur saving her and showing General Lane that some heroes like the Blur need to be "in the shadows". With the Act had finally passed, Flag was forced to make his move by having his Squad members take down Anti-Vigilante support areas.

Rick Flag and Suicide Squad member, Deadshot, joined forces with Chloe Sullivan to save the Justice League from the VRA's abduction and experimenting of their special abilities. It was revealed that Chloe had threatened to turn him over to the government after his attempt to murder General Lane in exchange that him and his squad follow her orders.



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