Rick Starr is the millionaire son of Thaddeus Starr, the owner of Allied Solar Enterprises in the 22nd century. Rick became the Space Ranger to protect Earth from criminals and alien invaders. Using his family's money, Rick created a base in the Asteroid Belt. He was often accompanied on his adventures by his girlfriend Myra Mason.

The Starr almost died when he was stranded on Pluto without a life-support. He was rescued by a shape shifting alien named Cryll, and the two became lifelong friends.

The Space Ranger's greatest battle was against the alien Gordanians when they attempted to attack Earth. With the help of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, the Space Ranger thwarted the Gordanian raid and saved the planet.[1]



  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Although Space Ranger's native era is the 22nd century, his relationship with the 20th century hero Hal Jordan and appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths establish that he is in fact part of the original Earth-One timeline.



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