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Hourman was a member of the Justice Society of America.

Rick Tyler was supposed to exist on Prime Earth but his existence was erased after Doctor Manhattan prevented Alan Scott from becoming the Green Lantern and, as a consequence, his death prevented the creation of the Justice Society of America.[1]

Later, Doctor Manhattan undid his actions and allowed Alan Scott to become once again the Green Lantern and form the Justice Society. Rick Tyler was brought back to life and was part of the Justice Society, along with the first Hourman, Rex Tyler, helped Superman defeat the metahumans who were ravaging Washington, D.C..[2]


  • Miraclo: Hourman derives all his superhuman abilities from the "miracle vitamin" Miraclo. An active ingredient is a special form of phosphorus, which bonds temporarily with the ATP in muscle cells to create an "Adenosine Quad-Phosphate" which energizes the cells.



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