The Ricochet is a motorcycle used by Batgirl (Stephanie Brown).


Ricochet is a motorcycle that looks like a cylinder with a huge engine and three wheels. The vehicle was created by Barbara Gordon as a way to escape from dangerous situations.

After being screened by Roxy Rocket, Steph goes to the Clock Tower and asks Oracle to find her. Realizing that Steph would not be fast enough to catch Roxy, Barbara gives her Ricochet to be the official vehicle of the new Batgirl.


Ricochet is designed to be operated by paraplegic people. It is controlled by a system similar to the handlebars of a motorcycle so the User has easy access. The vehicle has two entrances: on the roof through a hatch and another through the sliding front display. Ricochet has functions similar to the Batmobile.

  • Computerized System: Ricochet has a onboard computer capable of connecting with the Batcaves, the Clock Tower and captures all radio frequencies. The vehicle has an advanced navigation system with GPS, radar and an autopilot mode.
  • Emergency Mode: In case of emergency, the wheels of the vehicle project the capsule up and shoot the chair with the occupant to a safe place.
  • Speed: Ricochet can reach 300 km/h in a matter of seconds.

Onboard Equipment

  • Mobile Scanner


  • Because it is a escape vehicle,Ricochet has no armaments.
  • The Ricochet has a folding wheelchair for use by the occupant.


  • The Ricochet is apparently based on the Tumbler and Batpod.

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