The Riddler was the first costumed villain in Gotham City years prior to Batman's first appearance.

He terrorized the city to the point that the powerful figures of Gotham, Thomas Wayne, Carmine Falcone, and Hamilton Hill refused to interfere in his activities. Riddler later abruptly left Gotham when he was approached by the Agency, who were impressed by his skills and wanted to recruit him into their science division, SANCTUS. He agreed and had been involved in several secret projects, particularly Project Lotus.

Riddler was later accidentally infected with the Lotus virus, which severely damaged his brain's chemistry. The Agency imprisoned Riddler and had his body studied for the effects of the Lotus virus. Riddler soon escaped and swore revenge on the Agency. Since then, Riddler became an international criminal and building his resources for his revenge and as well reclaiming his place as Gotham City's notorious criminal. Riddler became a close ally of Bane after causing a prison break at the Peña Duro Penitentiary on Santa Prisca.

With Bane's aid, Riddler formed a group of criminals called the Pact in which he planned on using them in his revenge against the Agency. In return for the criminals' help, he promised them that they would receive the Lotus virus to cure the various ailments they were suffering from or wished to cure. However, Riddler's vanity alienated some of his fellow criminals, most especially with John Doe.

Upon learning about the Batman, Riddler decided to kill Gotham City's hero in order to make his return seen as spectacular. But Riddler's new plans was opposed by the rest of the Pact in which they refused to join him. This rejection only compelled Riddler to going through with his battle with the Batman. Furthermore, he also planned on attracting the Agency's attention to Gotham in order to kill their operatives. To this end, Riddler planned to hacked into the Agency agents' phones, making them produce a guidance signal that will attract radio-wave guided homing missiles he purchased from arms dealer Rumi Mori to their locations.

When Rumi Mori bowed out from Riddler's scheme, Riddler plotted to murder Mori. He and his henchmen confronted Mori at The Virago casino and hold the patrons hostage. Riddler had Mori placed inside a death trap and promised to let him out if he successfully solved a riddle. The Batman appeared and battled Riddler and saving Mori and the hostages in the process. Defeated, Riddler left a puzzle box to Batman before making his escape. Batman eventually solved the puzzle box that indirectly caused the death of Lucius Fox when the puzzle box served as a signal emitter that sent a missile into Fox's office at Wayne Tower.

Riddler later managed to kidnap several Agency agents, including Iman Avesta and Vernon Blake, and took them to his freight ship, the Lady of Dublin, where he plans on committing his missile attack. Riddler had hope that the Pact would be there to witness his plan. Batman again confronted Riddler and foiled the missile attack by expending all the missiles at a decoy drone to explode harmlessly in the city's bay. After Batman subdued Riddler, under Batman's interrogation Riddler was disappointed that the Pact had not shown up to help him before realizing that he may have been set up by John Doe. Soon after realizing this, Riddler is killed by a poison dart from Fox's daughter, Tiffany.



  • Mental Illness: Surviving the Lotus virus altered Riddler's brain chemistry causing him to become considerably more volatile.


  • Riddler's Staff: Riddler's staff is used by him as a remote, the head can also be used as a bladed weapon and as a grappling hook.

  • Amanda Waller mentions that Riddler was sixty years old.
  • There is an inconsistent line that said by Catwoman in Batman: The Enemy Within. She will mention to Batman that Riddler would not support The Pact's actions, which is quite ironic because he was the mastermind of The Pact and their desired achievements.



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