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Ridlle me this! Would you read my books?

I don't blame you if don't. Not everyone's up to the challenge.

The Riddler is a criminal mastermind with an obsession for puzzles and conundrums. Riddler can create the most complicated and creative questions as clues for the police to find him, but most of the times, they are always left clueless with his puzzles. However, his genius mastermind is only matched by Gotham's vigilante, Batman, who always finds the right answer to Riddler's puzzles and stops the criminal.

At a certain point, Riddler got tired of being defeated by Batman and decided to use his intellect to bring down criminals instead, but his compulsion for riddles didn't allow him to work on the good side of the law and soon he returned to his evil ways. His intellect and unpredictable nature make of Riddler a very treacherous villain; or as he likes to think of himself... a riddle never solved.

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