Ringo Chen was an assassin and friend of Tommy Monaghan.

Ringo Chen was born in rural China, above an underground nuclear test site. While many in his village suffered unfortunate mutations, Ringo appeared to have none. He joined the Chinese army in order to provide for his parents, and he moved them to the city upon attaining the rank of sergeant. When Ringo refused to kill his fellow citizens in the Tiananmen Square Massacre, he was imprisoned for desertion and tortured. The Chinese Army had his parents killed, and photos of their severed heads were shown. Chen escaped imprisonment a month later by snapping the neck of one of his captors and leaving an unpinned grenade under his body in order to detonate the man's superiors. He fled to Gotham City, where he worked as a hitman for his uncle. It was in this role that Chen flourished as a marksman, and he earned the nickname Ringo (after Marvel Comics' Ringo Kid character). When Ringo learned his uncle had tricked him into killing a union man who spoke out against sweatshop conditions, he killed his uncle and went freelance.

Chen befriended Tommy Monaghan, Hacken, Natt the Hat, and Sean and Pat Noonan, other Gothamites who were involved in killing for hire. Ringo Chen became known as the fastest shot in Gotham City, and he was often paid more than other assassins for similar work. He eventually dated a woman named Wendy, who had previously dated Tommy Monaghan. Wendy left both men in disgust after learning they killed for a living. After Chen completed a job involving the death of Sir Richard Harcourt's son, he and Tommy Monaghan were captured by the Waterman, who tortured them for Harcourt's satisfaction. Chen and Monaghan escaped and made short work of the bulk of the Waterman's forces. After the Waterman had incapacitated Monaghan, Chen chased after him, leaving himself open to gunfire from the Waterman's remaining thugs. As he sat dying, Chen asked Monaghan to help him with one final task: setting an unpinned grenade under his body so that when he is lifted by the Waterman, the grenade will go off. Monaghan complied, and the Waterman was killed. Monaghan later shot Richard Harcourt dead.


  • Firearms: Ringo has excellent marksmanship and proficiency with military firearms and explosives.



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