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Quote1.png Suppose that handful of Marines on Wake Island felt the same way you do -- They'd have been licked in no time. But together they were a match for any amount of Japs that came at them -- What do you say, Bill ?? Quote2.png
The Ghost of Flanders src

The Ghost of Flanders was a masked crimefighter during World War II.

Supposedly dead in the Battle of Marne, in the First World War "Rip" Graves operated in the Second World War as a masked superhero from a crypt beneath the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He secretly and single-handedly excavated and built this sub-crypt base. The Ghost of Flanders used a red poppy as his trademark, commemorating the Second Battle of Ypres, on Flanders Fields.



He was somewhat gullible.[1]


  • Plane: He flew an armed biplane, seemingly of WWI vintage.


  • Bayonet: He wielded a vintage WWI bayonet, which he was able to throw with incredible accuracy.