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Following are chalkboard notations categorized by the issues in which they appeared. Links to referenced individuals, items or events occur within the reference itself and citations link to the respective issues where the references actually occur or offer commentary when issues cannot be identified

Rip Hunter, Time Traveler, uses a chalk board to write down his thoughts and questions about the DC Universe's ever-changing history, due to the fluid nature of the timestream.


Following are chalkboard notations categorized by the issues in which they appeared. Links to referenced individuals, items or events occur within the reference itself and citations link to the respective issues where the references actually occur or offer commentary when issues cannot be identified.


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52 Week Six

  • In addition, the number 52 is written in circles all over the board... there are some scraps of paper with the numbers 51, 53, 54, 55, and 56 written on them... there are what appear to be television screens showing historical events, some of which occurred before the advent of photography... all the clocks in the laboratory appear to be set at 11:52.


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Booster Gold #1

Booster Gold #5

Final Crisis

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Booster Gold #10

Rip Hunter's Chalk Board 04.jpg

Booster Gold #1,000,000

    • Death leads to Darkness
    • Azrael comes and goes
    • For every Positive there is a Negative
    • Booster Gold - Armageddon 2001?!?
    • Is Dibny the KEY?


Booster Gold #19

    • Batman and the Robin aren't Batman and Robin[52]
    • HE is coming back
    • The immortals will fight side by side
    • Keep Vigilante away from the Titans[53]
    • The Equation is out there...[54]

The Brave and the Bold Vol 3 23

Blackest Night

Booster Gold #26

Booster Gold #27

    • Beware the Creeper?
    • WHEN?
    • Time of the TIME TRAPPER!
    • The Henshaw Directive = Elimination

Before: Time Masters: Vanishing Point

Booster Gold #31

Booster Gold #33

After: Time Masters: Vanishing Point

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6

(Note: Rip Hunter did not write these messages down.)

Generations Shattered

Generations Shattered #1

    • The princess is key
    • Find Doomtown!
    • Cave Carson has it!
    • Ray Palmer... giant?!

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  1. Simultaneously began in 52 #50 and World War III #1
  2. The best possibility for this notation is Mon-El's potentially fatal lead poisioning that is officially analyzed in Superman #688. This issue happens over 3 years after the notation appeared.
  3. While time was actually broken immediately following (and due to) the events of Infinite Crisis, that explanation and the resultant response to fix it, truly began in Booster Gold #1
  4. This could be a reference to the 30th Century and the Legion of Super-Heroes which was altered during the events of Infinite Crisis resulting in two simultaneous and contradictory realities.
  5. 52 #44
  6. Ralph Dibny is known for "smelling a mystery" due to a nose twitch exaggerated by his stretching powers. This notation is likely a "teaser" to readers that Ralph's story within the then-ongoing 52 contains a mystery. Ralph never appears to suspect one but as he is under constant watch by the mystery villain he is simply acting the part. He reveals that he has known all along in 52 #42.
  7. Action Comics #844
  8. 52 #14
  9. Blue Beetle Vol 6 #12
  10. 52 #17
  11. Most likely a reference to the origin of the Kryptonite Man in Superman #650.
  12. 52 #27
  13. This is possibly a reference to the Knights Tempus who operate in the 41st century and first appear in Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #30.
  14. Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40
  15. Though he appeared earlier, Supernova's identity is first revealed in 52 #37
  16. Batman was one of the major heroes that were absent during the year chronicled by 52. His first chronological appearance was in 52 #30.
  17. Though she appeared earlier, Batwoman's identity is first revealed in 52 #11.
  18. This notation does not appear to correspond with a direct event. Te is the symbol for elemental Tellurium and has an atomic number of 52. It is possible the notation merely indicates that Gold and Lead, and by extension the Metal Men, are affected by the events of 52. Their origin, as retconned in the second Metal Men series, is reverted to their original one during the 52 series (or, more accurately, following Infinite Crisis).
  19. Wonder Woman #1
  20. This is a reference to the Secret Six limited series in which the Secret Six team are short one member.
  21. JSA Classified #10
  22. The first appearance of the post-Crisis Monitors was in Brave New World #1
  23. Hawkgirl #50
  24. While a number of people fall into this category, the first, most accurate restatement of this sentence occurs in Ion #6.
  25. Most likely a reference to the time-displaced star of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16.
  26. 52 #2
  27. 52 #21
  28. In Booster Gold #3 Booster Gold travels back to Jonah Hex's time. While the date is never specified, it's possible it was 1870.
  29. The story arc entitled "New Krypton" begins in Superman: New Krypton Special #1.
  30. Booster Gold #2 contains a short scene involving Dan Garrett's discovery of the Blue Beetle Scarab which occurs on August 14, 1939.
  31. This may be a partial reference to the Thy Kingdom Come storyline that was soon after published in Justice Society of America during which Power Girl is sent to her assumed home of Earth-2 only to find it is not her home after all.
  32. The Final Crisis which occurs in 2008 has been refered to as the third part of DC's "Crisis Trilogy". The first, Crisis on Infinite Earths, occurred in 1985 and the second, Infinite Crisis, occurred in 2006. Thus the first "plus" the second culminated or "equals" the third.
  33. Action Comics #858
  34. Power Girl is sent to another universe in Justice Society of America #17. Her story is told in full in Justice Society of America Annual #1.
  35. Countdown to Final Crisis #18
  36. Green Lantern #28
  37. Countdown #2
  38. Countdown #15
  39. DC Special: Cyborg
  40. The second story to be called "Lightning Saga" begins in Justice League of America #8.
  41. This notation references events taking place in the first 12 issues of The Brave and the Bold
  42. The most likely interpretation of this notation ties it to the Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds event. Because the story occurs 1,000 years after the time of publishing (i.e. 2008), the year the story occurs could be 3008. There is a second possible interpretation: the story involves three versions of the superhero team, the Legion of Superheroes, (often the word "Legion" is incorrectly identified with the number 1,000 although it correctly refers to 10,000). Thus three Legions could represent 3,000. The "8" may refer to eight outside players: 1) Superman, 2) Superboy-Prime, 3) Conner Kent, 4) Kid Flash (Bart Allen), 5) Rond Vidar, 6) Sodam Yat, and two former Legionnaires 7) Bouncing Boy and 8) Duplicate Damsel.
  43. Robin and Spoiler Special #1
  44. Supernova is shown working with the Time Stealers in Booster Gold #5. He is shown being controlled by Mister Mind in Booster Gold #10.
  45. Justice Society of America #15
  46. Batman: Gotham After Midnight Limited Series
  47. Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns
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