Quote1.png He slaughtered my family. And thousands of families. ... The last thing that my child saw in this world was that monster's face. You can be damn well sure when Savage dies the last face that he sees will be mine. Quote2.png
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Rip Hunter was a renegade time traveler from the 22nd Century, a former member of the Time Master.

He was intent on destroying Vandal Savage.

Rip defied Time Master custom and married. The pair were very happy together and eventually had a son, Jonas. When Vandal Savage launched his campaign to conquer the world in 2166, Rip's wife and son were two of the casualties. Heartbroken and outraged, Rip implored his fellow Time Masters to go back in time and stop Savage before he could rise to power. When he was rebuked, Rip stole a time ship and traveled back to the early 21st Century, gathering a team of heroes and villains from that era to travel through time and destroy Savage and his followers once and for all.

He was taken into custody by the Time Bureau due to his recklessness in trying to prove Mallus was real, but later escaped to recruit Kid Flash to join the Legends, eventually sacrificing himself to buy the team time to stop Mallus.



  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series DC's Legends of Tomorrow and is an adaptation of Rip Hunter. The original character was created by Jack Miller and Ruben Moreira and first appeared in Showcase #20.
  • Rip Hunter is portrayed by Arthur Darvill, who had previously played Rory Williams on Doctor Who, another show to feature time travel.
  • His real name being Michael, maybe a reference to how in the New Earth continuity his biological father is Michael Jon Carter, better known as the superhero Booster Gold.



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