"The Throne of Doom": Chapter 1: The Throne of Doom

Rip Hunter #3 is an issue of the series Rip Hunter (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1961.

Appearing in "The Throne of Doom"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Duke Svend (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Axel (Single appearance)
  • King Rollo (Single appearance)


  • Unknown


  • None


Synopsis for "The Throne of Doom"

Chapter 1: The Throne of Doom

The team finds a coin from Navar, Denmark, from cerca 800 A.D. with Corky's face on it and decides to investigate. Rip and Jeff are captured by viking troops and after a session in front of King Rollo (Corky's doppelganger), Rollo's counselor, Axel, sends them to the dungeons, accusing them of using the evil Duke Svend's magic against them. Investigating the Time Sphere, Rollo and troops are attacked by a huge winged, four-legged creature and Rollo is carried off. Hidden in the foliage, Corky watches as the troops return to force the location of Svend's hideout from Rip and Jeff. Unable to answer Axel's questions, Rip and Jeff are about to be executed.

Chapter 2: The Duke with the Creature Powers

After evading execution once, Rip and Jeff are about to be killed when they are saved by Corky, posing as King Rollo. "Rollo" releases them and orders Axel to send out a search party to track down the Duke's stronghold. In a hidden valley Svend explains he's been using magic herbs to permeate monster costumes, giving the wearer magic powers. Learning an imposter is now on the throne, he plans to curry favor with the captured Rollo by telling him Axel has replaced him and plans to kill him. Using the powers of a large octopus, Svend captures the trackers and continues on to the castle. Once there, upon seeing he actually has been replaced by a double, Rollo orders Svend to seize Corky.

Chapter 3: The Battle of the Warriors

Suddenly Bonnie arrives in the Time Sphere and creates a fog cover allowing Rip, Jeff and Corky to escape into the ship. Soon after Rip launches a plan to save Axel and defeat Svend. Corky, still dressed as Rollo, sneaks back into the castle while Rip and Jeff draw away Svend's men. Corky finds Rollo and convinces him they are from the future and only want to help him regain his throne. Rollo helps Rip and Jeff get to the dungeons to release Axel and all his men, whereupon they quickly retake the castle. Svend, now a golden giant, attacks the castle, warding off huge stones catapulted by Rollo's ballistas. Close to defeat, Rip has himself catapulted onto Svend's giant shoulders and rips off Svend's headpiece, breaking the magic connection which maintains his powers. The attack fails, Svend and his men are imprisoned and the time travelers return to the present.


  • This issue is divided into three chapters:
    • Part I: The Throne of Doom
    • Part II: The Duke With the Creature Powers
    • Part III: The Battle of the Warriors


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