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Rip Roar was an Apokoliptian and the previous owner of Young Justice's Super-Cycle.

Rip Roar was a resident of Apokolips in the distant past, who stole a New Genesis 'Super-Cycle' and imprinted himself onto it so that it would follow his commands, shortly before he was sealed away and trapped on Earth. He remained locked up for centuries until new super-team Young Justice accidentally reactivated the Super-Cycle, which obeyed its last programmed function and released him from his imprisonment. Despite their best efforts, Superboy, Red Tornado and Impulse were unable to defeat Rip Roar, but Robin was able to break his will by asking the Super-Cycle to choose between Robin and Rip Roar. Faced with the revelation that the Super-Cycle that had been imprinted with his own identity had rejected him- essentially meaning that he rejected himself-, Rip Roar froze himself into rock.



Formerly Super-Cycle





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