Ripjak is a giant monster cloned from blood samples reputedly belonging to the legendary Jack the Ripper. He is another of the many bizarre scientific experiments wrought by the insane geneticist Dabney Donovan. Created in the laboratories at Project Cadmus, Ripjak ran amok, slaughtering many of Cadmus' security staff. Ripjak raided Cadmus' medical bay and attacked Doctor Helen Angelico.

Cadmus' chief of security, Guardian, deduced that Ripjak had been implanted with pyro-granulite which both accounted for his searing hot body temperature and the fact that he would likely explode in a ball of fire. Guardian and the team's newest colleague, the reformed Heat Wave found Doc Angel, but Ripjak attacked them again. He grabbed Guardian and began to burn him, but Heat Wave saved Guardian by throwing himself at Ripjak. Guardian recovered and knocked Ripjak into a magma pit below the lab.




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