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Elasti-Girl is a member of the Doom Patrol.


Rita Farr was a famous actress until she was exposed to a strange gas and her cellular structure was broken down. She was later saved by Niles Caulder.

Doom Patrol

Rita then went onto join Caulder's team, the Doom Patrol. The team later went on a mission to capture the Ring of Volthoom, which had attached itself to a woman named Jessica Cruz. Lex Luthor later revealed to Caulder that he knew that the accidents that led to the creation of the Doom Patrol were orchestrated by Caulder himself.

Doomsday Clock

 Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1

After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Rita Farr joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[2]



  • Acting: Rita Farr was a famous actress before joining the Doom Patrol.



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