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Robbie Amell (b. April 21, 1988) portrayed Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm on the series The Flash. Amell also portrayed Martin Stein, while Stein was in control of their merged body and Deathstorm, while disguised as Ronnie Raymond.

Amell is the cousin of Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow.

He is married to Italia Ricci.

Pictured: Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond from the The Flash episode "The Nuclear Man"

Work History

Acting Credits

The Flash 2014-2023 Ronnie Raymond
     "Things You Can't Outrun" October 21, 2014 Ronnie Raymond
     "Flash vs. Arrow" December 2, 2014 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm/Martin Stein
     "The Man in the Yellow Suit" December 9, 2014 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm/Martin Stein
     "Crazy for You" February 3, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "The Nuclear Man" February 10, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "Fallout" February 17, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "Rogue Air" May 12, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "Fast Enough" May 19, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "The Man Who Saved Central City" October 6, 2015 Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
     "Welcome to Earth-2" February 9, 2016 Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm (Earth-2)
     "Into the Speed Force" March 14, 2017 Speed Force
     "Resurrection" April 13, 2022 Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm

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