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Black Terror was a member of SMASH.


In 1941, Benton formulated a chemical he called 'formic ethers' which gave him various superpowers. He used these powers to fight crime with his sidekick Tim Roland, and together they were known as the Terror Twins.


Benton frequently partnered with Tom Strange, a team dubbed "The World's Best" by the press.


Benton designed and built a spaceship, The Terrorizer, and flew to Venus on a test flight with Tom Strange. On their way back, they were captured by two lawmen from another world who based their crime-fighting identities on the Terror Twins. Unfortunately, there was also a version of Black Satan on the planet, and the Terror Twins and their counterparts were imprisoned and about to be killed when Strange and a local police officer rescued them. Strange showed the cop how to make Alosun to become that world's version of Tom Strange.


The Terror was killed in battle with an alien in 1969.[1] However, Benton had previously copied his consciousness into an artificial intelligence computer program of his own devising.[2]


Revived by Tim Roland in 2000, the sentient computer program dubbed itself Terror 2000. The Terror 2000 program instituted a crime prevention program in Invertica City, wherein technologically produced versions of the Black Terror (referred to as The Terror) fight crime. These constructs are actually formed by a powerful plasma field generated by lasers fired from its 'skeletron' ball bearings.[3]

Inside of three years, Invertica City's crime levels reached all-time lows. A corporation, Terror Incorporated, running the program tries to sell it to other cities in the US, but the Mob scuttled those plans. They went so far as to hire former Science Hero, The Grim Reaper to eliminate the Terror threat. He failed and was killed by the Terror.

Eventually, the Terror transfers its consciousness into the now deceased Tim Roland and tries to acquire power from the returning Captain Future's spaceship. He is defeated by what appears to be a time traveling version of his original self, Bob Benton -- the Black Terror.




  • Terrorizer: Interplanetary spaceship called The Terrorizer, first developed in the 1950s and test-flown to Venus.

  • Exciting Comics #9 (First appearance historically)
  • The Black Terror's origin and powers are quite similar to other heroes of the time, especially Captain Wonder, whose sidekick's name is also Tim.
  • Based on the original Nedor Comics superhero which became public domain.
  • After his death, as Terror 2000, Bob Benton is known throughout the years as Terror 2003.



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