Love Glove was a member of the Brotherhood of Dada, an enemy of the Doom Patrol.

One night, Carmichael had a wet dream about a tree with gloves instead of leaves. He awoke to find his right arm gone, replaced with a glove and a group of hearts connecting it to his shoulder. He could stretch it to any length, and visit the Glove Tree during the day, from whence he could derive additional powers.

He was later selected to become a member of Mister Nobody's second iteration of the Brotherhood of Dada. While planning to win the presidency and thereby use the population to merge the reality of the Painting That Ate Paris with the real world, the Love Glove nearly betrayed his team, but when he chose not to, he was shot in the chest by his would-be conspirator.

In his dying moments, the Love Glove proved himself by preventing Yankee Doodle Dandy from killing Mister Nobody.


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