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Robert DuBois, also known as Bloodsport, is an aggressive and level-headed mercenary and operative of the Suicide Squad armed with a special suit able to teleport weapons to him.


As a child, Robert and his brother Mickey both dreamed of being soldiers when they grew up. Mickey enlisted as soon as he turned 18, but Robert didn't, not feeling brave enough. At some point Mickey died in war, defending the country. Robert's grief over his brother's death pushed him over the edge, and he became the mercenary known as "Bloodsport".[1]

Bloodsport vs Superman

Eventually, Bloodsport to come into conflict with Superman, where Robert used a Kryptonite gun on him. Bloodsport was unable to defeat Superman, however, and was imprisoned in Belle Reve.[1]

Suicide Squad

After being incarcerated, Bloodsport was forced to operate as a member of the Task Force X program by Amanda Waller. He was armed with a special suit that allowed Waller to teleport weapons to him from a secret cache and was sent to different Earths across the multiverse to bring back intel on them, and the multiverse itself.[1]

After several missions, Bloodsport made his way to Earth 3, where he attempted to capture Black Siren for Waller's use. However, he came into conflict with Ultraman, who safely destroyed the bomb in Bloodsport's skull so he could be interrogated on who was supplying him with kryptonite. Waller sent the Suicide Squad to Earth 3 to rescue Bloodsport, and he joined the main team as their new field leader, with their previous leaders unavailable or unfit to lead.[2]

Bloodsport was later confronted by Peacemaker who came to recruit him for Rick Flag's own squad against Amanda Waller. Peacemaker also revealed that he knew that Bloodsport no longer had a bomb in his head but could not understand why he continued to follow Waller's orders, especially when it became clear that she had gone off the deep end with her recent actions.

While initially refusing to cooperate, resulting in a hand-to-hand duel between the two men, Bloodsport eventually confessed to Peacemaker that Waller had planted bombs in every instance of his brother Mickey across the multiverse as leverage against him. Despite winning their duel, Bloodsport decided to spare Peacemaker and accept his offer to help both him and Flag take down Amanda Waller for good.[3]

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  • Firearms: Bloodsport is a highly skilled marksman, trained in the use of a wide variety of firearms, including handguns, high caliber rifles, and even flamethrowers and Kryptonite guns.[1]
  • Gadgetry[1]
  • Martial Arts: Bloodsport is a highly experienced fighter, having taken on Metahumans, Atlanteans, and Lanterns head on. He claims to be trained in every form of combat.[1]
  • Surveillance[1]
  • Tactical Analysis[1]
  • Weaponry[1]


  • Weapon Teleporter: After joining the Suicide Squad, Bloodsport was given a new suit with the ability to instantly teleport weapons to himself. However, each of his weapon requests, especially his kryptonite-based armaments, must be authorized by Amanda Waller first before being fulfilled.[1]



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