Bobby DuVale had an animal nature, which he used to become a killer under the name "Kilgore".

While he was in prison for his crimes, he was broken out of prison by the MERCs, who subsequently locked his superhuman abilities. In gratitude, he joined them.

Kilgore has some kind of professional grudge against Stormwatch, related to an incident in Sarejevo with a woman named Shriek.


  • Claws\Toxikinesis: Kilgore has a set of venomous claws in the fingers of his hands.
  • Infrared Vision: Kilgore's eyes are enhanced, allowing him to see in the dark and track people by their body heat.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kilgore has the strength of an Olympic athlete, but his superhuman musculature is primarily in his legs, allowing him to leap surprising distances in a hurry.


  • Killer instinct

  • The official position of Image Comics, WildStorm Publications, and DC Comics is that Kilgore is a wholly original character. Everyone else just mutters "mutant Canadian" under their breath and moves on.



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