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Robert Long was the infant son of Donna Troy and Terry Long.

Born with the genetic structure of his mother, it was believed that Robert would one day be able to harness the power of the gods. In at least one future reality, Robert Long was instantly aged to adulthood whereupon he became a world conqueror calling himself Lord Chaos. In this future reality, a group of young insurrectionists calling themselves the Team Titans believed that the only way to stop Lord Chaos was to travel backwards in time and kill his mother before she gave birth to him. This tactic failed however as the infant Robert was later abducted and safeguarded by his older self.

Shortly after the events of Zero Hour, young Robert and his father Terry were tragically killed in an automobile accident, thus preventing the future Team Titans reality from ever manifesting. He and his father were resurrected by Black Lantern Rings when Nekron started assaulting the living. They were both killed by Donna, who snapped the neck of her undead son.[1]