In a now alternate future timeline, Lord Chaos is the son of Donna Troy and her husband Terry Long.

He is born with the full powers of a god and full awareness of them, which drives him mad. He instantly ages himself, kills his mother, and becomes the dictator Lord Chaos. He rules the entire Earth for many years. His various ways of repression cause many super-powered teens to form a resistance army.

Inspired by the legend of the original Titans, a group of dozens of super-powered youths who call themselves the Team Titans travel to the past to kill Donna before her child is born. Many are lost in the time stream, but a small squadron forms and attempts to fulfill their mission.

Lord Chaos follows the teens to the past and is able to prevent the Team Titans from killing Donna, and her son Robert Long is born. However, the Titans of Myth intervene at Donna's request, and strip the baby and herself of their godlike powers. The Titans of Myth take Lord Chaos with them to make him learn humility, stating, "He will either learn...or cease to be."




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