Quote1.png And what if they are bats, Mr. Wayne? What then? Destroy them like insects? We won't survive the next evolutionary cataclysm but bats will! Quote2.png
Robert March src

Doctor Robert March was the colleague and father-in-law of Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom).

Doctor March became obsessed with bats and spent most of his professional years studying them in order to find a way to give humans bat-like features. However, most of his research was never tested and all his projects were left as theoretical studies.

Years later, his son-in-law Kirk Langstrom used March's studies to continue them and to finally accomplish March's dream. In this way, the serum that originated the Man-Bat was created.

It was up to Batman to stop Man-Bat and revert his transformation.[1] When March learned that his experiments have caused his own daughter to transform into the Man-Bat creature, he finally understood the risk of his power play and destroyed his research for good.[2]




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