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      For Green Arrow's father, see Robert Henry Queen (New Earth).

Robert was the son of Green Arrow.

Robert was conceived when his mother Shado raped his father Green Arrow while he was delirious with a fever.

Robert, along with his mother, was next seen at an ancient mythology-themed archery tournament where it was revealed that he has leukemia. Shado was pressured to kill Green Arrow by Dr. Sivana in order to save Robert from his leukemia because Sivana had promised to heal him if Shado assassinated the boy's father. The shot that was supposed to kill Oliver missed and hit his son Connor Hawke (Robert's half-brother).

Afterward, Connor's injured body was taken by Sivana in order to lure Oliver Queen into a trap. The newly married team of Green Arrow and Black Canary found Connor, who had come out of his coma, but unfortunately, Robert had been artificially aged by Sivana and turned into a mindless drone. Once again Shado had to turn to Green Arrow and family to help her save Robert from this fate.