Roberta "Famous Bobby" Harper is a great-niece of the original Guardian and a member of the Newsboy Legion.

Famous Bobby was a poor girl from Metropolis's Suicide Slum who was orphaned at an early age and raised by her elderly grandmother Mary.[1]

When her grandmother fell ill Bobby was taken by the state to the B.O. Goodley Orphanage, which was secretly run by Granny Goodness who was transporting her charges to Apocalypse for Darkseid. James Harper II, the clone of her great-uncle James Harper was distraught that Bobby had been sent to an orphanage and petitioned Jonathan Gabrielli to find a way for him to take her in despite his legal status as a non-entity. The Newsboy Legion overheard James' plight and vowed to rescue Bobby from the orphanage at which time the dreary place's connection to Apocalypse was brought to light.[1][2][3]

After Bobby and the Newsboys were rescued James became her legal guardian and she became the first female member of the Newsboy Legion.[4]

At some later point, however, her biological mother reappeared and applied for guardianship successfully, causing Bobby to leave her new home and friends with the Newsboys.




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