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Tim Drake first used a random staff before he became Robin. He used it to defeat Scarecrow on his first unofficial outing. His success on this mission granted Tim the merit to become the new Robin.

Quote1 I warned you! What you call a stick is the most refined fighting instrument on the planet! Perfectly balanced, multi-purpose, and the best friend a guy could ask for! Quote2
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The Battle Staff is the weapon of choice of several Robins, most notably Tim Drake.



Tim Drake first used a random staff before he became Robin. He used it to defeat Scarecrow on his first unofficial outing. His success on this mission granted Tim the merit to become the new Robin.[1]

However, Tim was not properly trained to use the staff. After his first mission, Batman sent Tim on a worldwide trip to learn about martial arts. During his journey, Tim encountered Lady Shiva, who taught him proper fighting techniques using a collapsible Chinese fighting staff. Robin modified this wooden staff and carved a hole on one end, which created a whistling sound that distracted opponents while fighting. This proved useful against King Snake.[2]

Nonetheless, it was soon evident that the wooden staff was not an appropriate weapon for crime-fighting in Gotham. During a confrontation with The KGBeast; the staff was broken in half. As a result of that, Robin created a new staff, which was made of ceramic coated magnesium alloy. The new staff was more durable and overall a better weapon for Robin.[3]

Notable Events

When Robin was captured by Bane and subsequently saved by Killer Croc's timely appearance, Robin fell down to the waters of the sewer system and he was dragged by the current. Using the battle staff, Robin was able to stop himself on the threshold of a tunnel and then he climbed up some maintenance ladders in the sewers.[4]

Robin used the staff when he was called to aid Batman and the others on the Robinson Park's amphitheater. Using the staff as a jumping pole and a weapon, Tim defeated several criminals including Killer Croc.[5]

The staff proved useful once more when Robin was attacked by Swagman. Using the staff, Robin dumped a pile of junk on his opponent and then he jumped away from him.[6]

During his final confrontation with Lady Shiva, Tim used a battle staff similar to the one used during their first encounter.[7]

Nightwing's eskrima batons were able to be combined to create a makeshift battle staff. During a battle with Brutale and The Electrocutioner, Dick passed his batons to Drake to combat these foes.[8]

Tim still used this staff even after his change of costumed identity to Red Robin and later Drake. His successor, Damian Wayne, would occasionally also use a battle staff.

Damian gave his staff to Superboy to use as a lightning rod in order to save the life of a cursed Flash.[9]

Other Versions

Batgirl Stephanie Brown 0006

Stephanie Brown using her battle staff

Stephanie Brown used a battle staff as Batgirl[10] and a three section staff as Spoiler, which could be merged into a single staff;[11] however, she did not use a staff during her tenure as Robin.

In The Batman Universe Robin frequently uses a yellow collapsible staff. The staff has numerous features. It has a built-in taser feature to stun enemies. It also has several feet of internal cable thus allowing him to use it as a flail, nunchaku or even to grapple.

In the Teen Titans (Teen Titans TV Series), Robin also uses a collapsible staff frequently, though his is gray in color. The staff can also be split in half and used as Eskrima sticks.

In Teen Titans Go!, Robin uses a metallic bo staff, which he usually prefers over his grappling hooks and birdarangs. The staff possesses several hidden weapons, such as a spear, a taser, and explosive spikes, and tools, such as a mop or hockey stick head, and even flowers.

In the movie, the staff's tips can split into a four pincer-like appendages with a conical energy emitter in the center. It can also be split in half to form a pair of giant metal fists that encase Robin's hands, which makes him strong enough to make a shockwave that can repel a water tower-sized robot.

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