This paperback collects the story Robin: A Hero Reborn. The story was written by John Byrne and illustrated by Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo. The storyline was published from October, 1990 to May, 1991 in the comic book series Batman and the mini-series Robin.

After being deemed worthy by Batman to become the new Robin, Tim Drake sets off for France to study specialized fighting techniques under an ancient master. But before long, Robin's training is sidetracked when he finds himself working together with a maverick DEA agent and a deadly female assassin in order to stop the modern day release of the Bubonic plague. Learning street fighting and martial arts from his new companions, Robin endures a baptism of fire as he discovers the danger of living a life based on anger and revenge.

This paperback contains the following comic books:

  • This paperback features an introduction by writer Chuck Dixon, dated April 11th, 1991.

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