"Heart of Ice": As Damian sits down for a haircut from Alfred in the Batcave he recalls a story wherein he almost died.

Quote1 You understand I'm not done with the atonement, Alfred. So much of what I did in the Year of Blood must be corrected. I went far down the path my mother laid out. I do not want to become the man she envisioned. Quote2
Damian Wayne

Robin: Son of Batman #8 is an issue of the series Robin: Son of Batman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2016. It was published on January 20, 2016.

Appearing in "Heart of Ice"

Featured Characters:

  • Robin (Flashback and main story) (also in an illusion)

Supporting Characters:


  • Tiāntang Zhànshi (Flashback only)
    • Legendary Warrior Spirit

Other Characters:



  • Bat-whistle (Flashback and main story)


Synopsis for "Heart of Ice"

As Damian sits down for a haircut from Alfred in the Batcave he recalls a story wherein he almost died.

He begins by explaining that he, Goliath and Maya went to return a spear which he stole during his Year of Blood. As the trio arrive they are assaulted by the local monks who prove difficult but not impossible. Damian then explains how he only survived his first trip into the temple by a slim chance as even the League of Assassins members who accompanied him died on first entering.

During his first trip into the temple Damian was grabbed by the guardian statue and cursed. As Maya and Damian enter in the present the air is still and quiet until the statue awakens and fills the room with smoke; from the smoke emerge two older versions of themselves who they must fight.

After a gruelling slog Damian and Maya realise that to break the curse they must accept that these are a part of them and that they must be aware of their presence, by accepting them they disappear and they go free, returning the staff and left alone by the locals allowing them to fly away on Goliath's back.

Back in the cave Damian stares pensively into his Goliath-whistle.


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