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Batman and Robin learn that a new vigilante is active in Gotham calling herself Violet. This woman is a take-off artist targeting criminals and stealing from them. Back in school, Tim is reunited with hi

Quote1.png It took last night to remind me -- I can never really stop being the Spoiler. Quote2.png
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Violent Tendencies is a Robin storyline written by Chuck Dixon with illustrations by Chris Batista. It's published in the Robin series, returning Dixon to the title after many years. This takes place following Beechen's The Big Leagues and The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, leading into Batman R.I.P. and Nicieza's Search for a Hero. The story deals with the return of Spoiler, believed dead since the events of War Games.


Batman and Robin learn that a new vigilante is active in Gotham calling herself Violet. This woman is a take-off artist targeting criminals and stealing from them. Back in school, Tim is reunited with his recently transfered friend Ives. Jamie Harper arranges a meeting between Robin and the bookie ripped off by Violet, Marcel Pincus. Pincus gives him information on where Violet will strike next, and he ambushes her but she escapes. It's revealed that Pincus is working for the Penguin, who threatens to kill him unless he takes care of Robin and Violet.[1] Condiment King is released on parole again, and Batman and Robin stop him from robbing a bank. Alfred suggests that Robin might find Violet by looking for charitable donations, and this leads him to the run-down Five Points area. He attends a support group for teens addicted to gambling, and learns of a connection between Violet and the Maxie Zeus casino. Harper hands over her contact with Robin to two corrupt superior officers, Marcus Wise and Roman Cavallo.[2] Cavallo and Wise send Robin to infiltrate Maxie's casino and give them evidence for a warrant. He finds Violet ripping it off, and alerts the guards in an attempt to stop her. The cops bust in and arrest Maxie. Spoiler is shown to be still alive, watching Tim from the shadows. Penguin is shown to be using Cavallo and Wise to wipe out his competition.[3] Spoiler begins operating again in Gotham, and gets mistaken for Violet. Tim confronts Sebastian about the fact that he has cancer, and he's been keeping it a secret from his friends. Robin distrusts Cavallo and Wise, but they coerce him into chasing counterfeit money by threatening Harper's career. Pincus points Robin and Violet at a Korean syndicate the Penguin also wants wiped out. Robin fights Violet at the scene, and they're interrupted by Spoiler. Robin is furious at someone desecrating his girlfriend's memory, and the Koreans bust in on them while they're fighting.[4] The group is nearly outgunned, but Robin crashes the Redbird through the walls and escapes with Violet. He chastises her about her motives, but she angrily gets out of the car. Cavallo and Wise execute Pincus. Batman and Robin later confront the false Spoiler, angrily demanding that she give up the identity. She takes her hood off and reveals that she is actually Stephanie Brown, who they believed dead. Tim grabs her and kisses her immediately. Stephanie reveals that Leslie Thompkins faked her death, as she had gone through enough suffering, and they've been hiding out in Africa. Batman explains that he doubted whether Stephanie really died, and that's why there was no memorial for her in the Batcave. The body they buried was an unknown overdose victim. Stephanie is happily welcomed back into the Bat-Family, and finally explains her faked death to her mother.[5]

Tim and Stephanie begin spending time together in school again, although this creates a rift between Tim and Zoanne Wilkins. Stephanie takes Tim out to a party and they take down a kidnapper. It feels just like old times. In flashback, Stephanie remembers her time in Africa with Leslie. They traveled from town-to-town providing vaccinations and other medical treatment. After Stephanie was forced to protect a village from a corrupt witch-hunter, she felt like she could no longer leave crime-fighting behind. Leslie didn't like her decision but accepted it.[6]


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