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Quote1.png I don't need no help from nobody. I'm Robin! I'm the best there is. And ain't nobody gonna stop me from what I gotta do! Quote2.png
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Robin was a young orphan who took on Reverend Darrk and his Church of Eternal Empowerment.

Robin was left on the doorstep of an orphanage not long after his birth and then was raised there. He was given the name Robin on account of the Robin that perched on his cradle when he was a baby. As he grew up everyone else in the orphanage there with him got adopted, while he was just there growing older.He was always different from the other children and always stayed by himself. When he was in his teen years a girl named Beth came to help at the orphanage. He developed a love for her, but could not even gather the nerve to say goodbye to her. Then there was a day when a man from the Church of Eternal Empowerment came to the orphanage giving the children gifts. Robin refused the gift and left the orphanage. The man noticed Robin's difference from the other children and went on to learn more about him and then inform Reverend Darrk what he had learned. After a short-lived job at a martial arts academy, Robin found a notice from Reverend Darrk on a billboard saying "ORPHANS! LET REVEREND DARRK HELP YOU FIND YOUR PARENTS!" Robin went to the church and met Reverend Darkk, who empowered him and controlled his mind so he would not disobey him. After a life of crime, Robin had a fight with Batman who convinced him that Reverend Darrk was just trying to get him to do his dirty work. Robin then ran of into the night not seen again until the coming of Crisis. When Crisis arrived Robin joined the Justice League, but he was secretly still working for Darrk. Robin betrayed the Justice League and dropped the Hawk Rune, becoming Hawk Man and then after a battle was turned into the Atom by Yggdrasil. Atom destroyed Crisis and then joined the Justice League saying that he is power and would have destroyed them if they were rude to him, but because they viewed him as one of them he would go to join the Justice League.


  • Enhanced Strength: Reverend Darrk empowered Robin with an enhanced physiology to allow him to tackle great threats like Batman.
  • Enhanced Agility: Being empowered by Reverend Darrk, Robin is fast enough to strike out at multiple men without being harmed.
  • Transformation: Robin used the Incan Hawk Rune to transform into Hawkman and later Yggdrasil used it's ancient power to transform Robin into the Atom.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Learned to fight on the streets. He used to get into fights at his orphanage and later in the streets against gangs.
  • Martial Arts: Eventually finding a martial arts studio that had been taken over by a thug, Robin ousted the thug in order to learn from the teachers properly without being harassed.
  • Gymnastics: Robin used to play extreme sports and body built for years while he studied to maintain his physical form and keep his mind off being lonely.
  • Thievery: Robin used to routinely break into people's homes to steal their belongings for Reverend Darrk. He did so without ever being caught.


  • Incan Hawk Rune: A rune stolen from Peru, it is charged with dark energy and when Robin used it to attack Crisis he was turned into Hawkman.



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