Quote1 I don't need no help from nobody. I'm Robin! I'm the best there is. And ain't nobody gonna stop me from what I gotta do! Quote2
Robin src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Enhanced Strength: Reverend Darrk empowered Robin with an enhanced physiology to allow him to tackle great threats like Batman.
  • Enhanced Agility: Being empowered by Reverend Darrk, Robin is fast enough to strike out at multiple men without being harmed.
  • Transformation: Robin used the Incan Hawk Rune to transform into Hawkman and later Yggdrasil used it's ancient power to transform Robin into the Atom.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Learned to fight on the streets. He used to get into fights at his orphanage and later in the streets against gangs.
  • Martial Arts: Eventually finding a martial arts studio that had been taken over by a thug, Robin ousted the thug in order to learn from the teachers properly without being harassed.
  • Gymnastics: Robin used to play extreme sports and body built for years while he studied to maintain his physical form and keep his mind off being lonely.
  • Thievery: Robin used to routinely break into people's homes to steal their belongings for Reverend Darrk. He did so without ever being caught.


  • Incan Hawk Rune: A rune stolen from Peru, it is charged with dark energy and when Robin used it to attack Crisis he was turned into Hawkman.



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