• Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Robin is trained by Batman in many styles of fighting. He was able to fight Dawnstar and Karate Kid at the same time.
  • Stick Fighting: Robin's favorite style of fighting is with his bo staff.
  • Computer Operation
  • Aviation: Robin can fly the bat plane, even if Batman won't let him. Despite this, he has flown it into space and rescued Batman.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the film JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time and is an adaptation of Dick Grayson/Robin. The original character was created by Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane, and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics #38.

    Since Robin's secret identity was not given in the film, the ultimate basis of the character is listed here.
  • Although his identity is not revealed, many fans believe that he is Jason Todd because of his impatience, as well as his aggressive and hostile behavior towards Karate Kid and Dawnstar. This assumption may be flawed since Karate Kid nearly hit and killed robin with falling debris after the former entered the base through the roof.
  • Robin was voiced by Jack DeSena.



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