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"Robin Rises: Alpha": In the 62 hours of Batman's absence since travelling to Apokolips, Alfred Pennyworth monitored the activities of Batwoman and Batwing in protecting

Quote1 There's only one "Robin." Quote2

Robin Rises: Alpha #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

Synopsis for "Robin Rises: Alpha"

In the 62 hours of Batman's absence since travelling to Apokolips, Alfred Pennyworth monitored the activities of Batwoman and Batwing in protecting the city - haggardly, given his worry for his friend. Now, the computers warn of an energy anomaly, Alfred knows a Boom Tube will be opening soon, and shoos away Bat-Cow and Alfred the Cat to prepare himself to face the forces of Apokolips, if it is not Batman who returns to him.

The Boom Tube opens, and the entire Batman Family tumbles through it, with Damian's sarcophagus in hand. Seeing that Batman is in poor shape, Alfred is thrust back as Bruce opens the sarcophagus, tears a shard of the Chaos Crystal from his chest, and thrusts it into Damian's chest, restoring him to life. Unfortunately, Bruce collapses from his wounds soon after. As Alfred tends to him, he warns Damian that he and Bruce must be got to safety as soon as possible, as Cyborg's systems cannot function enough to close the Boom Tube behind them. While he struggles to repair himself, the others stand at the ready for whatever might come through the portal.

Soon, Kalibak leaps through, and the family blast him with their energy weapons. Unfortunately, he withstands the assault, and so Damian takes it upon himself to attack physically - and to his surprise, he has significant strength and speed - super-human, even. With this surprising knowledge, he returns to his attack, still only able to match Kalibak's own strength. The Apokoliptian knocks him back, and finding Bat-Cow in his way, promises to gut her. Damian responds by flattening Kalibak with the Giant Penny. By the time Kalibak recovers, he is too late to stop Batman from knocking him back through the portal with the nose of the speeding Batplane, just as Cyborg manages to close the portal behind him.

Safe at last, Batman ensures that everyone is alright before addressing the fact that his son now appears to have super-human abilities. In the meantime, Tim, Barbara, and Jason return their borrowed Robin symbols to their young friend, admitting that there is only one Robin. Afterwards, Alfred suggests they retire to the dining room to celebrate the new birthday.

Elsewhere, near Nanda Parbat, a naked and amnesic Talia al Ghul attacks a camp of nomads, killing them and eating their food.

Standing in front of the empty graves of both his mother and himself, Damian wonders at why he is not allowed to go out and use his powers. Bruce explains that he is too young to have powers and go untested. For the time being, he is grounded. Changing the subject, he comments how strange it is to see his own grave, and admits that he can remember nothing but the pain of his death wound, and his father's voice calling to him. Seeing Damian's interest in the broken tombstone at the head of the open grave, Bruce explains that he destroyed the memorial when he made the choice to do everything in his power to bring him back to life. Damian points out that Talia's stone was left intact, and Bruce adds that his mission was for his son, not her.

Finally, after contending with Titus' whining, Damian agrees to play with him, and tosses a ball to fetch, only for the ball to whiz at super-speed through the trees and far away. In that moment, the Bat-Signal shines in the sky, and having promised that he would let Damian patrol with him at the first opportunity, Batman returns to Gotham with Robin at his side, for the first time in a long while.

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