"A Life More Ordinary": Tim Drake visits his girlfriend, Stephanie at school and they talk about their future. Tim has given up being Robin and Stephanie is going to continue being Spoiler.

Quote1.png No, not Stephanie. Not even Spoiler. From now on you can call me Robin. Quote2.png
Stephanie Brown

Robin (Volume 2) #126 is an issue of the series Robin (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2004. It was published on May 19, 2004.

Synopsis for "A Life More Ordinary"

Tim Drake visits his girlfriend, Stephanie at school and they talk about their future. Tim has given up being Robin and Stephanie is going to continue being Spoiler.

Meanwhile, Scarab has narrowed the sample of people who might be Robin to twelve teens that she is going to look for.

Tim continues with his normal life, going over friend's places to study and attending Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School. One day, Spoiler decides to check up on her boyfriend at his school. Darla Aquista, one of Tim's schoolmates who has been trying to convince the uninterested and already dating Tim to date her, surprises Tim with a forced kiss when he is distracted and Spoiler sees what looks like her boyfriend being unfaithful to her and runs away angry. However, Tim rejected Darla and reiterated to her that he is already in a relationship he has no intention of breaking off. Following this assault Tim begins completely avoiding Darla altogether.

Later that night, Tim takes his friend Bernard for dinner, at his father's request. However, Bernard couldn't help noticing how attractive Dana, Tim's stepmom is, which bothered both Tim and Jack.

Three days later, Crystal, Steph's mom, notices that her daughter has not left her room at all and Stephanie explains that she is angry and as a result she is skulking and sewing.

Some time later at the Wayne Manor at night, the intruder alarm in the Batcave activates, forcing Bruce and Alfred to go to the cave and discover who has entered. Batman is surprised to see Stephanie calling herself Robin and wearing a homemade Robin costume. Batman vocally disapproves and Stephanie fears the worst. However, Batman was disapproving the homemade costume, but he claims to actually like the idea of having Stephanie as Robin. After a brief discussion with Alfred, who opposes to Steph being Robin, it's settled and they give Stephanie a proper Robin outfit.

Meanwhile, Scarab has claimed the first victim of the list of possible Robins. However, after searching the young man's house, she couldn't find any evidence that linked him to Robin, so she decides to start looking for the next man on the list.

As time passes Tim hasn't heard from Stephanie for a while and she's never at home when he calls. During this time, Stephanie follows an strict training routine under Batman's supervision in order to be prepared for the work on the field which has curtailed her social life.

After a while, Tim decides to give Darla a second chance as a friend and he invites her to join him for lunch. At the same time, Batman and Robin, the girl wonder, are now working as a team on the streets of Gotham.

Appearing in "A Life More Ordinary"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bernard Dowd
  • Crystal Brown
  • Gerald Lieber (Only appearance; dies)
  • Louise Lieber (Only appearance; dies)
  • Michael William Lieber (Only appearance; dies)





  • The tagline to this issue is, "Robin, the Girl Wonder!"
  • Bernard Dowd takes an X-Box videogame of Batman and Robin, completely unauthorized, to Tim's house, just after he retired from being Robin.

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